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Can a dog fill out at 5-year-old?

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She had a bloat scare several weeks ago and her belly was pretty big - about 5 inches bigger in the stomach. Since then, I have been monitoring her belly and her diet carefully everyday.


We had a search the other week and I saw some people I hadn't seen in 4-5 months. They all said that Jazzy had gotten bigger. I never noticed it and always thought she had a nice slim figure. I asked my co-worker the next day and she also noticed in the past few months. I weighted her and she was 35 lbs, which is the exact weight she was last july.


I had a few pictures of her taken last july (took them to monitor her 'figure') so I took some photos from the same angle to compare the shapes. I see a big difference in her chest size. The ribs are so much wider and look filled out. She's already 5 years old and I can't see how she could continue growing?? But she weights the same. I've read that bigger chested dogs have more risk of having bloat. I actually switched her to low fat diet (from EVO to Calif-natural low fat) and cut down all her cookies since they told me she put on weight. She's getting even more excercise everyday. She's still the same weight today.


I'm not too worried as she still looks good. Although I like working/performance dogs to stay pretty slim. Any idea what's going on with her big chest?


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I'm kind of ignorent but had no idea that BC's were at risk for bloat. i didn't think they had deep enough chests. Glad I only let them run and hour before, and an hour ot two, after meals.

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I'm glad to see this post. Scooter is bigger too, but not fat. (I know, I know--everyone says that!) :D Seems like in the last 6 months or so he's put on some weight and his chest/rib cage is also bigger. He still has a good tuck in his stomach, when viewed from the side and has a waist, when viewed from the top. Vet thinks he could lose a little weight, so we've reduced his intake of food (not a junk brand), he doesn't get a lot of treats, (never has) and what he does get are apples, carrots, etc. He's not a big eater anyway, and we learned early on we couldn't train him with treats. Not at all interested. He gets plenty of exercise, but still no weight loss. He's 3 1/2 years old. He's also taller than a lot of BCs. I know he's pure bred BC, got him from a reputable breeder. He's just built larger than a lot of Border Collies. :rolleyes:

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