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Found Dog Shelby, NC 28150

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My husband and I almost hit a dog while drving on Hwy 150 toward Boiling Springs last night and we turned around to pick up the dog to get it out of the road b/c we didn't want it to get hit. We believe it to be a border collie. It is a adult female black and white. She is very friendly but doesn't get along with my other animals. We have given her food and water and a nice bath to clean her up. I am amazed at how quickly she has taken up with us. She was not wearing a collar and I believe she has been used as a breeding dog. We are printing up posters to take around the neighborhood we found her in and I have posted on other lost and found sites for missing pets. If you are the owner of this pet or know who may be the owner please email me at cesmith0709@yahoo.com. She is in good hands!


Here is a picture of her.



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Have you placed a found report with local humane societies? I work at a humane society and I know we keep a log of dogs reported missing in case one comes in or someone reports a dog found. If this girl has a home, they may have reported her already and and a reunion might be just a call away.


(edited - didn't see the *North* Carolina part, thought you were in SC)

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Bless you for taking her in. I agree, I'd have her scanned then check all the Human Societies. But if she was used for a breeding dog, and then left loose, there is a good chance no one will claim her. :rolleyes:

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I found the owner of this sweet girl and she is back at home! I also found out that she is pregnant! :rolleyes:

The lady told me that this isn't the first time she has gotten loose. She has tried using the invisible fence and has put boards around the bottom of their fence to keep her and the other two collies that she has from escaping. I was hoping maybe some of you may have some suggestions to help her keep them at home. She lives near a main hwy and I am terrified she or the others will get hit. I got attached to her the past few days and it was hard for me to give her back to someone that I feel is irresponsible. Am I overreacting about that or is it common for these types of dogs to do this? I know alot of people don't like the invisible fence but that is what I use for my Doberman and he has been on it for 3 years and has never gotten loose. We normally only have him out when we are home. I also told her that the humane society is having discount spay and neuter this month, I guess that was a nice way for me to say that she needed to get them fixed. I just don't believe in someone breeding animals unless it is for the right reasons, there are to many dogs without a home.

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Suggestions for her owner.


1)GET HER SPAYED- the poor dog is following her instinct and roaming

2)Get her microchipped & ID'd

3)Spend more time with her dog

4)Train her dog

5)Put up a REAL fence if she can

6) Only let her dog outside, if she is with her

7) Keep her on a leash



Suggestions for you.. :rolleyes:


If you find her, again, consider NOT returning her. IMO- That lady does not deserve her back.

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