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can I give my 3 months old border collie puppy cream cheese and peanut butter

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If you want her to have diarrhea, sure! Seriously, that's pretty rich stuff. You and your pup will be better off if you use some of her daily ration of food, moisten it, mix a little peanut butter (like a tbs) into it, then stuff the kong. Once she's gotten the idea, you can freeze the kong to make it last longer.


I've used plain water, a little plain yogurt or cottage cheese, chicken or beef broth, stuff like that, to moisten my guys' kibble. I've stuffed their kongs with crumbled rice cakes, cheerios, just plain kibble moistened a bit, any number of things. I do usually make a mix of plain kibble or rice and add something in small quantities to make it more enticing.


Some dogs do ok with the richer stuff, but with a puppy I'd be conservative until you know if she's got an iron stomach.


Have fun with her!


Ruth n the BC3

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I would use cottage cheese instead of 'cream' cheese!

Also try plain yogurt with a peanut butter a little honey and even banana!

You can mix these things with some kibble too, then pop them in the freezer they will last longer if you give them to the puppy frozen.

I also stuff my kongs with Trippet. Tripe in a can!!! The dogs LOVE it!!!

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I like to put some peanut in the top pan of a double boiler and melt it and then remove from heat and add an equal amount of plain yogurt. Mix well.


This can be added to kibble or something else to stuff a Kong.


I would start with just a little and make it stretch.


I probably wouldn't give my dogs more than a teeny bit of cream cheese, although I do use regular cheese cubes as training treats.

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If you want her to have diarrhea, sure! Seriously, that's pretty rich stuff.

I tried peanut butter once on Senneca and yes, even for an adult, it can (and does) give the runs. Currently, I stuff her kongs with a mixture of finely chopped lamb & rice dog roll, some grated cheese and enough plain, low fat. yoghurt to make a stuffable paste. Substitute the grated cheese with cream cheese if you will (in small quantities). Wrap a little aluminium foil around the base and freeze. Straight out of the freezer it gives a 15-20 mins of absolute peace as she systematically licks the kong squeaky clean.

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Guest maya's mom

I stuff my 6 month olds with peanut butter, apples and carrots. She loves it! I have been doing this since we got her and have had no problems. It's also cheaper than buying "dog" treats.

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My dogs eat both of those, but I don't let them live off "kong food" either. For a healthy puppy those foods given in moderation shouldn't be an issue.


My favorite kong stuff is a big spoon of p-nut butter, a handful of high quality dog biscuts, and 3 of those precooked italian meatballs. Mash into the kong well, wrap in plastic, then freeze. Serve frozen (with plastic off please)

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are you all talking about peanut butter with sugar or REAl peanut butter, with nothing but peanuts? I have given my dogs that many a times with no stinky/runny butt.

In Senneca's case it was pure peanut butter and, fortunately, a fairly small amount smeared inside the kong as a trial. The results were messy, but, thankfully, no indoor accidents.

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My BCs get a kong with cream cheese in it most days with no ill effects, even the dog with a notoriously sensitive stomach. Your mileage, with different dogs, may of course vary, but it's not a given that cream cheese is always problematic.


My recipe, which requires no advance preparation nor help from a kitchen:


1. Fingerfull of cream cheese poked into the kong and squished against the sides to make it harder to lick out

2. Some kibble or kibble-size bits

3. Another fingerfull of cream cheese atop the kibble

4. (This is the brilliant part, and the reason for sharing my recipe) A single Alpo Liver Snack jammed in the top

5. Lick cream cheese off own finger and present kongs to dogs


I rarely buy commercial dog treats, but Alpo Liver Snacks have none of the nasty stuff nor sugar that most grocery store snacks have, and they fit PERFECTLY in the top of a medium kong.


Regarding the cream cheese, my goal is to maximize the ratio of "time-dog spends-with-kong" to "amount-of-cream-cheese-used", so I use a relatively small amount but spread it around inside rather than leaving an easily accessible glob..

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thanks guys I really appreciate it your answers.


My puppy, about fifteen weeks old loves banana with his kibble in a kong. If I stuff it too tightly though he leaves. I also put pieces of steamed carrot in.

What he really loves is a dish of rice, tiny pieces of broccoli, carrot and a small piece of salmon broken into tiny pieces, wild salmon not the farmed stuff.


Our vet didn't like the peanut butter idea. Since I had a friend who nearly died from peanuts I did not dare use it on my dog, just in case.


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I also stuff kongs with a mixture of some dry food, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, carrots or fruit. I have never tried cream cheese - it isn't very healthy so I never even considered it. I do use peanut butter for Bailey and Ginger. But with Willow it ends up coming out looking the same as when it went in. Yuck!


Be sure to cut back on normal food intake so you don't end up overfeeding! No fat dogs!

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