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  1. shelby is another one that used to love dogs growing up but new that she is getting older, she is happy to see them, gives em a sniff and is done... looking for something else to do.
  2. owwwiieee hey! its sunny today... everything is just covered in ice....
  3. I know so many people are VERY against using remote control cars. BUT with anything its a case by case basis. WE use one with the dogs. we ONLY use it about 2-3 times a year. and limit their time chasing it. we like to use it on the beach, or on muddy grassy areas. its not something that all dogs should do. and its REALLY not something to let them do on a regular basis. its a nice treat for the very rare occasion at our house
  4. for Shelby's crate it is an old baby blanket from goodwill that was along with a bath mat(with no rubber) she'd move the blanket around however she wanted and the mat was just there for kicks
  5. I did, but thats besides that point.... lol Maybe go to a carpet store and get the sample pieces that they have, you can buy them pretty cheap. and set them out for training purposes? cheaper then buying runners if you don't want them. ETA: also runners and rugs (w/o) the non slip backing stuff will slid all over the place, possibly freaking her out more. just a thought
  6. lol, I had that problem I went around for about 6 months sounding like a complete idiot telling everybody that my short haired dog was a "rough" coat because her hair is coarse LOL
  7. I agree... rain or shine we are out every day. signed up for that the day I got my puppy
  8. Shelby = Shelb's, and this one..... Bee--otch.... kinda embarsssing becase she responds to that better then her name. and if I am calling her and she's not listening last resort is Bee-OTCH!!!!!!!! you can't imagine the looks I get
  9. I didn't/don't have time to read through all the responses. but this is how we do things!! about 9 in the morning, the dogs get food in their bowls. since their bowls are on opposite sides of the room, they both sit in the middle until I say OK! Wilson runs over and guards his food for about a half an hour, then eats. Shelby wonders off and does something else. they eat whenever they feel like it. and since my BF feeds Shelby to much, most of the time I don't even have to feed her at night because she still hasn't eaten all of her breakfast. its a very lax. but when shelby was a puppy, I would make her wait outside the kitchen for my command, then if she didn't eat within 10 minutes the food would go away.
  10. Shelby does something like this also.... Drvies me CRAZY! She'll growl softly... then do her little woof woofs barely audiable... hackles will rise, and if I don't stop her in time its full out barking that some next.... then when I get her to stop barking... she'll wonder around with her hackles up still just woof woofing........ My BF thought it was ok to let her do this unless she barked. but now she does it at everything!!! dogs cats people ME! until she notices that its me... and I just can't get her attention.. so if you figure out how to stop this. pass it along!!
  11. A few days ago, my oldest and dearset friend comes over, I haven't seen her in about a year. REASON being, she went and got herself a lil 13 inch beagle. cute as a button..... but she had no shots and wasn't spayed.... so therefore.... there will be no admittance of the oh so cute irresistible doggie into my house. nope, nope nope. they decided to get a second pooch, another 13in beagle, named him Loki( the name fits too) they are all shotted and spayed and neutered and taken care of and I say "come over! bring doggies!!" so we had guests. Shelby says they are not to come over ever again. and that if they do, she will do what a girl has to do.... that is watch them until they steals the toys again and go run and hide.... so it seems this lil Loki is VERY toy aggressive.... VERY..... and took all the toys, hid them on the couch and guarded them...... so that even if Wilson (95pounds) looked at Loki (12ish pounds) Loki would run over and attack him. Loki is now called by me... Little S*** THEN my oldest and dearest friend decide that we are hungry, why not take the dogs and go eat at the local pub. (outside of course) opps but Loki cannot come.... seems he is also food aggressive.... ok so we kennel him in Shelb's kennel... go eat and have a grand ol time. come home..... hmmmm my home smells a little funny.... sure enough... the little S*** vomited and poo'd all over the crate and some on the floor.... yay... I clean up. throwing the crate blankets in the washer (but don't start it because I had already done all the laundry that day) throw a new blanket in the crate (after a good cleaning) and we are all done, the little S*** heads home and we call it a day.. FAst track about 3 days.... shelby is OBSESSED with the washer and I wants to know why..... I asked Shelby, but she won't tell me.... So I go take a look.... YAY I forgot all about vomit blanket... and that concludes Shelby's story to me. the end
  12. Shelby "had" a cat when she was younger. it was cute, the kitten acted like a dog and Shelby acted like a cat of course then the kitten ran away and found another family..........
  13. sure that didn't mean that she was swimming and running around. and I understand the concern, but I don't understand the haste to criticize and assume things about people that you have never meet. of course you know what they say when you assume... you make and @$$ out of you and me and of course I limited my dogs activity to a minimal amount. I am not an idiot, nor am I going to jeopardize my dear little one.
  14. I am assuming that means that it was before the Spays. besides, my Shelby was up and going 2 days after the surgery. people are to quick to judge around here sometimes huh?
  15. oh goodness... I am so sorry that this is happening. but at least she is close. I hope you catch her soon!! Mojo coming from Oregon
  16. if they have run of the house. that is the first problem. I would get some crates and start crate training. I believe that all dogs should be crate trained, even if they don't use them on a daily basis. and of course its going to be hard to keep two dogs separated in a house, but people do it. try using baby gates. or an X-pen.
  17. first and foremost I would keep them separated. feed them in separate rooms and not leave any food down. work on seeing what the trigger is for these attacks. and I hate to say it, but if one of my dogs injured the other like that more then once, *I* would seriously be considering having the attacker re-homed in a more suitable living situation (i.e. a single dog home)
  18. I would however watch to see if he is chewing on his paws, as continued chewing can be bad for his lil feet.
  19. Yeah I forgot to mention that i don't bike w/dog w/o halti. and she has been hit once with the bike and now knows to stay clear of the wheels
  20. yeah, I know people with both, they like them, but I just hold the leash works great for me. I would be more afraid for my life if the dog was actually attached to the bike.... I can just see a small rodent or cat running by and then I go flying..... I have a bit more control with the leash in hand
  21. I just want to say that I HATED BORDER COLLIES!!!! [gasp!] yes it is true I wanted nothing to do with this awful breed, they are snobby, only care about their ball and their owners. and I wanted nothing of the sort!!!! and then I met Shelby. at the time she was just puppy #4 at the pet store. and she melted my heart. and I love her very much. I have a respect for dog that I never had before, my bc x has taught me alot about life. and I think that getting her was one of the BEST desisions in my life. it may be tough some times, but having a dog that is as wonderful as this breed is so rewarding at the end of the day
  22. train her to ride bike with you!! With alot of protection with you. Shelby did the same thing with bikes until I started taking her on my bike rides, now she ignores them, the just trots next to me, this also has her ignoring other dogs that we ride past and pretty much any other distraction. she learned after the first (an only) time she ran in front of the bike while it was a going
  23. I Gave Shelby a command to do it. So she will ignore the flys until I tell her to get them, then Master Hunter Shelby comes out!!! she kills the fly and leaves it for mommy to get rid of. so I would say put a command to the behavior. sometimes she'll try to after one outside, but a firm "leave it" will fix that quick like.
  24. She's two and it doesn't happen enough to where I am worried about it. I mean since she's been potty trained its happened twice. she has a feeding schedule and she does go out before bed time its just those emergencies I want her and I to be better prepared for
  25. Great idea!!! off to go find a bell!! now if I can just get the BF to follow through with this.......
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