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  1. We feed the KIrkland foods to our four dogs. With the exception of Ginger just being diagnosed with Valley Fever, they are all doing very well. Our husky is going to be 10 and he certainly looks and acts much younger. With four dogs we just had to stop feeding the super premium foods once the price started to rise so steeply. I did call Diamond and Costco before we started feeding it and I did get a lot of good answers, unfortunately I'm not exactly sure what the info is anymore! It took quite a few phone calls. I'm almost positive that I posted it in a thread somewhere on here a long time ago. I'll see if I can find the old thread.
  2. Hi all! Ginger was just diagnosed with Valley Fever with a titer of 1:32. She has been coughing and that's how we came to test for it. Our vet prescribed 200 mg of fluconazole, given twice daily. That is 10 mg/kg of body weight twice daily. From all of my research, this seems high. I questioned it and she referred me to the Valley Fever Center for Excellence here in Tucson because that is their recommended dosage. I called and they did verify that, but I still feel like it is a high dose. So, I'm curious what dosage your dog was prescribed if they had VF. Ginger is about 50 pounds. I won't go changing her dosage unless I go see another vet for a second opinion, I'm just curious. Thanks!
  3. I have this one made by Kurgo for Bailey. I like it and he doesn't seem to mind it at all. It is smaller than many others, but that was one of the reasons I chose it. It fits water, collapsible bowl, treats, ball and still has a bit of room for more. Kurgo Pack
  4. It is sad that the BC was killed. It is also sad that the woman wants to get rid of this horse so badly. I don't know much about horses, but do horses just go charging after a dog to kill it? Was the dog left unattended with the horse? Was the dog harassing the horse? It seems like the owner shouldn't have let the dog and horse enter a situation where this could occur in the first place. It is just a sad situation and I'm left wondering if it could have been avoided.
  5. The last time I gave the HG chewable to the dogs, Bailey threw up the next day and the HG chewable was still a huge chunk in his puke. It was the last one I had so I had to dig it out of his puke, rinse it off and give it back to him. Disgusting, I know. So how long does it take to get absorbed if it sat in his gut for a day? It hadn't softened up at all. Doesn't seem very absorbable. Should I break up the chewable before giving it to the dogs? Would that make a difference?
  6. It definitely gets ridiculously hot here. Generally, the dogs just don't get quite as much outdoor exercise during the summer as they do during the rest of the year. Here are some of our summer strategies. *We visit our friends with pools and let the dogs swim. *We go to the top of Mt. Lemmon and hike where it is much cooler and shadier. There is also a little creek with cool water for the dogs to cool off in. *We bring a lot of water with us for the dogs (and for us). *We take day trips with the dogs to shadier locations so we can actually stand to be outside. *We walk the dogs before the sun comes up and after the sun sets. *Lightweight booties help with the hot pavement, but we try to stay on the grass or dirt in the summer. *We take weekend trips with the dogs to San Diego, Flagstaff, Prescott and other places that aren't quite so hot. *Instead of a hard core fetch game, we just go out in the shade and I throw the ball a few feet. The dogs are happy with that. *During monsoon time, we go out when a storm is heading in or right after the rain. It usually cools off and gets nice and windy before the storm. You can squeeze in a decent little walk before the rain comes, or stay out in the rain! *Dogs are allowed in Bookman's, so you can head there and walk around the store. It's also a great time to practice manners and commands. *Take a trip to PetSmart, Petco, one of the feed stores or another pet store with the dogs. The Tucson Botanical Gardens has The Dog Days of Summer throughout the summer months. You can take your dog before opening hours one day during the week. It is cooler and shadier and makes a nice little morning walk. You can also join our Tucson Border Collie Meetup. Throughout the summer we will try to rent (provided everyone pitches in) an indoor location with AC for the dogs to play once a month. Tucson BC Meetup
  7. The same thing happens to Bailey when he gets excited or nervous.
  8. My cost saving strategy is that I have dogs instead of kids! I'm sure I'd spend much more on children than I do on the dogs.
  9. My advice would be to go to the bookstore and get a few dog books that have a lot of dog food recipes in them. There was even a recipe for dry kibble from Bark Magazine that looks pretty easy. Here is the link. Bark Kibble Recipe I have a lot of dog books with recipes, but my new favorite is this one Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog. Dr. Khalsa was Kody (when he was alive) and Bailey's vet when we lived in NJ, so I trust her completely. The recipes are easy to follow and uncomplicated.
  10. Every now and then Costco will have beds that don't have the cedar shavings. They are a little fancier than the big round ones and a few bucks more, but still a great deal. You just have to keep checking. They arrive and sell out pretty quickly.
  11. I have tried the Plaque Off and I agree, it definitely works. It also takes care of stinky breath pretty quickly.
  12. I have used a product called PetzLife in the past for oral hygiene. PetzLife It has GSE in it. I've heard good reviews about the PetzLife products from people that used it consistently. I didn't use it long enough to give you a recommendation.
  13. Sending my prayers your way, hoping for the safe return of your dogs. My mom works at the Tobyhanna Army Depot. Did you put up anything there? If not, PM me something and I'll forward it to her and ask her to print it and hang it up. I know a lot of people commute there for work from all around the Poconos. Michele
  14. Bailey is a barker. He has a deep, loud bark. He barks when he wants to play ball, barks when he's playing, barks when someone walks by, barks when he wants your attention, barks when he's bored...basically, he barks ALL THE TIME. And every bark sounds slightly different. He gets plenty of mental and physical exercise. When I got Ginger she started barking all the time because Bailey would bark, and I was successful at getting her to stop. Now she only barks at moving objects or a knock at the door. I haven't been very successful in getting Bailey to stop barking so much. It bothers me the most when he runs to the door and barks at every little noise outside. After some other failed attempts, we started sending Bailey to his crate when he'd bark at the door. He loves his crate, so he'll go when given the command. That worked for awhile. He'd go upstairs to his crate and wait quietly to be released. We could live with that. Except that now he goes to his crate on his own when there's noise outside and he barks from his crate. Lovely. I give up.
  15. I've been having the same type of situation lately. I've been giving our dogs raw bones to chew for 10 - 15 minutes a day for a long time. The last two times they have all gotten really bad diarrhea. Both times the bones were fresh from the butcher. The first time it happened we threw them away and went and got new. Then it happened again. I know the marrow is really rich, but I'm not sure why it is suddenly becoming a problem. Their teeth are getting cleaner (tartar is coming off in chunks!), but cleaning up piles of disgusting crap is no fun! I'm also interested in any suggestions.
  16. I agree that most folks on here don't consider a yard a substitute for interacting with their dogs. However, I will say that a large chunk of my friends have dogs (not BCs) and they do seem to think that as long as a dog can hang out in a yard all day they are fine. I have friends who leave their dogs out when they go to work, come home and feed them and then stick them back out in the yard again while they go out. They hardly ever interact with their dogs and then they wonder why the neighbors complain about barking, the yard is dug up, trees are destroyed, etc. It may not be the fact that they have a yard, though. They would probably just leave the dogs in the house all day and never walk them if they didn't have a yard! I'm just generalizing from my experience.
  17. My main reason for giving bones is for teeth cleaning. I'm not really concerned about the nutritional value of the bones since the dogs eat a mix of home cooked and kibble. The dogs pretty much clean the meat off the first time they get the bones. This whole bone thing is a pain! I do notice that their teeth look better, though.
  18. I remember somebody posting that refreezing them keeps any bacteria from surviving.
  19. I know this has been answered before, but I can't find the post. I give the dogs a raw bone to chew on every couple of days for about 15 minutes at a time. I've been storing them in the freezer (suggested here on the board) but the dogs don't like to chew on them right out of the freezer. I usually leave them sit at room temperature for awhile, then give them to the dogs. I take the bones after the 15 minutes and put them back in the freezer until next time. Could I put them in the fridge between chewings instead? And if I did, how long could I store them in the fridge for? Or is this not a good idea due to bacteria? Thanks in advance.
  20. I plan on going but I'm not sure which day I'll be there.
  21. It really doesn't bother me in any context. Maybe it is my Jersey trucker mouth! I'm 30, but I don't think age matters in this case. I've got dogs and bitches. I'm a bitch. My husband bitches at me when I'm being a bitch. Sometimes I'm bitchin' and that's a good thing. Sometimes I get tired of bitchy attitudes. Sometimes I like to ditch the men and hang with my bitches. And so on...
  22. I've been teaching the dogs some commands in portuguese (brazilian) just for fun because my hubby is from Brazil and I'm trying to learn the language myself.
  23. My three have also been on Heartgard for about 3 or 4 years now. I give it year round. There have been no issues.
  24. I just copied your post and emailed it to my aunt in Rifle. I asked her to email it to anyone she knows in the area. Fingers crossed for a safe return!
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