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  1. If he is still looking for a home let me know we can help network. Thanks Cindy Www.bordercollierescueont.com
  2. I sent them last week, so they should arrive any day!!!
  3. We have limited sets of our 2008 'limited addition' Holiday Cards still available. 10 cards for a $25 donation. All donations this year are going to help Rocco a 10 month old pup in our foster program. We also have a contest for NEXT years card! Pictures accepted till March 2009. Check it out on our site www.bordercollierescueont.com Happy Holidays!
  4. We are all sending our love to you and Nell.... What you did for this dog in the short time you have had her is extrordinary. Thank you Jo.
  5. Jo, I had Simcoe on a combination of Tramadol and Medicam for his pain relief with his cancer. I know you will know when it is time. Give that pretty girl a big hug from Chris and I.... Thank you for giving her the best summer EVER and the chance to be able to enjoy herself again. Thinking of you. Cindy
  6. Maybe she(Your BH) is not stubborn and spiteful..... but rather she has learned to reinforce herself by her actions. Sound like things that BH's instinctely would enjoy... SNIFFING, SEARCHING ect Work harder to manage her and show her that YOU have a alternative to offer that is just as reinforcing to her as her actions. Managing her actions will stop her from self rewarding herself and help to decrease the behavior.
  7. We are thrilled that Quincey will be coming on trial tomorrow! He is the perfect compliment to their young girl as he does not need the extra training work, just love and exercise Cindy Border Collie Rescue Ontario www.bordercollierescueont.com
  8. I would use cottage cheese instead of 'cream' cheese! Also try plain yogurt with a peanut butter a little honey and even banana! You can mix these things with some kibble too, then pop them in the freezer they will last longer if you give them to the puppy frozen. I also stuff my kongs with Trippet. Tripe in a can!!! The dogs LOVE it!!!
  9. Blanche is great... this weekend is regionals so wait till next week! Cheers Cindy http://www.bordercollierescueont.com Dreamweavers Dog Training Blanche Cooper 8041 Observatory Dr., RR3 Granton, Ontario 519-225-2821 blanche@dreamweaversdt.ca www.dreamweaversdt.ca Agility/puppy/obedience/clicker training
  10. I really have no idea what you mean by this. If you think that by giving a verbal correction and then allowing the dog to choose to do something else is creating avoidance behavior, then I suppose this statement makes sense. But I view avoidance behavior differently, as in a dog who gives some other behavior to *avoid doing a behavior the dog doesn't want to do* and that's a huge difference Yes... I am not sure what I meant by that either now... Thanks for all the feedback! Personally I don't know how doing any clicker work could hurt you when you go out to work sheep?
  11. Ruling out medical conditions I would use a Belly Band. Basically just goes around and velcro's together and covers his penis. If he pees he will pee on himself. Dogs HATE this ... I use them alot as I get alot of intact males into rescue who have no problem peeing on the wall and already have learned to avoid me! It works like a charm Cindy
  12. Cesar was choking out his dog! Read the first post... Has he turned over a new leaf?
  13. Working Sheep?..... If I was working a dog on sheep and they would not lie down I would walk through my sheep towards my dog and using my stick would stop my dogs movement till they lay down. This may include repeating the command or changing tone. I 'personally' would refrain from hitting the dog with a object (not saying any of you do...) but would toss something down in the dogs path to deter the dog from moving in that direction if they got up. So YES I would use PP to suppress my dogs behavior. When my dog lay down I would praise and let them have their sheep again OR if it
  14. Sometimes I can just look in a dogs eyes and it seems to understand what I mean. And that is because Bill you are a common sense trainer who has learned to train dogs through hands on experience...and I have no doubt like me you are very aware of your own personal boundries of what you are willing to do to make things happen. Sure we all do things that we might not 'feel' good about but you are not go to be influenced by watching CM to think that you should go choke out your dog for not listening or by me saying well I would prefer to take away something then add a punishment. You are not
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