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Keeping your BC cool

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Hi all,

Wondering if you can help me out here. I have a BC who is 1 yr old.

Can you help me out with some ways to keep him cool during the hot summer days.

I always have fresh water in his bowls and have placed a few extra bowls around the house.

I am more worried about the times after play time(walks/runs/play ) . I do bring water with us but does not seem to help.

Any suggestions??


Have any of you cut your BC's hair?? If so how short ?? any pics?? How long will the hair take to grow back??



Thanks Justin

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I dont shave any of my dogs down, however I have trimmed their belly fur to help the air get to the skin easier to help them cool. We have a doggie pool in our backyard. I also use cool mats and crate fans at events.

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I use a kiddie pool also. It's the best way of keeping them cool. Black Jack will just jump in after we play for a while so he can cool off. I don't like to shave them because it takes away the hair that keeps the sun off of their skin.



Here's my little pool puppy



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I have koi ponds and the girls would always jump in and swim around messy up my lilies so I made them their own pond, no lilies. Now to get them to go only in their pond.


The pond isn't totally finished yet but the girls don't mind.




Zoe and Ari







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I'd go along with the kiddie pool. Scooter loves it! He'll play Frisbee for a while, then run and splash around in it till he's cooled off. Goofy guy won't sit down in it though, like he doesn't want to get his tummy wet, even though the water isn't cold or deep. He also uses his back feet to splash the water out of the pool! You DO NOT want to be anywhere near him when he's doing that! LOL! This has been one of the best (and least expensive) investments we've made. Another bonus--when he's done playing, we just give him a quick bath. Saves money on groomers during the warm weather at least.

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OK, I have lived in upstate NY... yeah a few hot days here and there but...


Right now we 're working on a week of 90 plus 70 plus dew points!!!! I know it ain't the 100 plus that the SW states have had but still...

We're all running hot down here.


Kiddie pools or my guys have access to the big galvanized stock tank...Roy loves standing up to his neck and letting the goldfish

nibble his fur. Yeah, MAJOR WEIRDO!!! :rolleyes:

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Got the kiddie pool today....

I will put that to some good use .

Thanks for the help all. I will also look into trimming the belly hair.


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