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  1. I also saw an animal communicator recently. Kya has been having terrible fear problems which have turned into aggression. I was not a believer before I went but now I am about 90% there. She had me write my name and the dogs names along with age, breed and sex on a piece of paper. Then she asked for a picture of the dogs, that was it. She knew very specific things about my home, people in my family and even routines we do with the dogs. It was more like the dogs were talking through her and her voice and tone changed with the different dogs. I had it taped and have listened to it a few more times and each time I am more interested in doing it again. Most communicators do it by phone and I'm thinking of trying it again with another person to see how it compares. I do have some names of communicators and healers if anyone is interested. You can ask here or PM me if you like.
  2. My dog has fear aggression and her attacking us and the other 2 dogs started in Jan and continued to get worse. I couldn't take the fighting and the constant uneasiness in the house any longer so we had all the blood work done, results came back normal. At present she is on Prozac and although it has only been 4 weeks there has been a change. She still attacks the other dogs and can go off in a heartbeat at whoever is the closest but it doesn't happen as often. She still has a long way to go but now that the Prozac levels are increasing in her system I can at least get her attention most times. Before I would have had a better chance of having a brick wall respond to me. For now the Prozac seems to be helping Kya but only time will tell for sure. My heart breaks for you and Pan. You have to do what is best for all who are involved. Good luck.
  3. Just adding that I to have inter bitch fighting and the sound that would come out of me when they started to fight I have never heard from another human. What made things easier for me and calmed me was to have all 3 drag a short length of rope. That way if one starts posturing or giving the look I can grab the rope and walk them away quickly as I do a sign song way of telling that dog she did wrong and now she is in time out. If I don't sing the words I tend to sound more mad so signing works for me. The rope has seemed to change their behavior. I know it sounds crazy and simple but we have not had a fight in months. All three are spayed, ages 4, 3 and 2. Most fights happened between the 2 and 4 year olds. If my dogs have to drag a rope, for me, that's better than having to keep them separated. I know the pain in watching your dogs fight and not getting along. Good luck.
  4. jenkshipley I do have the book Control Unleashed, it is on the shelf for the time being because Kya isn't able to do much in behavior training right now. She has such a short fuse and her attention span is nothing. Her aggression has now turned to fear based and she only wants to hide most of the day. She goes off at the other dogs in a heartbeat so I am always watching to stop things before they happen. All the blood work came back normal and she started the Alprazolam, didn't work. Now she is taking Fluoxetine (Prozac). It's only been 5 days so it's too soon to tell if this will help. These are only a few things that can/will set her off. Brushing my hair or teeth. Making the bed. Typing on the computer. Taking out the garbage. Reading the paper. Going to bed. Saying good bye on the phone. The list goes on. Now on the other side things she loves. Vacuum cleaner. Hair dryer. Tractor. Snow blower. Broom. I thought they would all be sound related but that's not the case. I'm hoping when the Prozac kicks in she will be more calm and we can start working on these things. But until then we are going day by day. We are and have been working with a behaviorist for a while now with some other issues. If anyone has any suggestions I am more than open to hearing them.
  5. You could take a short video of her at home while she is doing it and take that to the vet.
  6. Have they tried walking him from another room with a lead on and not hesitating but going right out an open door? As soon as they get on the other side of the door give treats and have a party. After a storm I had to do this with one of my dogs. You can't hesitate for a second and you have to come from another room where the dog can't see the door walking with a purpose. It might take a couple times but it's worth a try.
  7. We just had blood taken to get all the tests done on Friday. Kya has changed into a dog I don't know in the past 8 weeks. She is only 2. She goes off in a heartbeat and is loving the next. She attacks the other dogs and then can't play enough. It breaks my heart to see her going through this and that is why we will be doing what we can to help her. The vet has suggested Alprazolam (Xanax) and if that is what she has to take to cope so be it. I have friends who disagree with our decision to give her drugs but I don't care. I didn't bring her into our family to give up on her either. It is my responsibility as a pet owner to care for her and that I will.
  8. You could also try luring him with treats to get him going forward. I have used cheese spread on a long handle spoon to get a dog walking, just hold it in front of his nose and walk. Sounds easy but it worked for me.
  9. I highly suggest you keep your $40.00. When I said it worked until she got used to it, it was only a few days. Really it wasn't worth it. I am now using a can filled with pennies and having better results. I'm also getting more exercise by having to retrieve the can after I toss it. Good luck in whatever you do. My girl has a high pitched bark that will pierce your ear and give you chills so I do know how annoying it can be.
  10. I have a barker so I tried an ultra sonic device. It worked until she got used to it then it was useless. I didn't like that the other dogs had to hear the tone because of one barker. IMO they aren't worth it.
  11. For now the BSL is off. Thanks to all who signed the petiton and sent letters. The following link is to the newspaper article in todays paper. Front page news. Thanks again, it's a great day. http://www.thenorthwestern.com/article/200.../901220374/1987
  12. I have a smiley dog and do therapy work with her. I didn't know what I was going to do because she would smile as she greeted people and most were scared and backed away. I started out having her wear a bandanna that said, "Wanna See My Smile?" That worked for a while but wasn't the answer. I used clicker training and the word "smile". Now she does it on command only and is always ready to smile for anyone she meets. Good luck with Dave. You gotta love the smile.
  13. Mary we use the Muttluks all the time. I only had one fall off and that was the first time I tried them. Put it back on and haven't had one fall off again. We use them in snow, on ice and on salt, stone covered roads in the winter and in the summer when we are hiking on rugged trails. I have had the same Muttlucks for over three years and they are still holding up very well. How are the Ruffwear Bark' N Boots with Grip Tex working for you? Do they stay on?
  14. I'm with Julie, we don't only have muddy feet it's the tail, belly, chest, etc. I would need a dunk tank to get all the mud off them. We also had plans on adding a mud room for the dogs but the estimates were $14,000 and up. Now we are looking for a new house and a separate room is on top of the list so the dogs can dry before entering the living space. I'm sick of mud.
  15. Eileen this is what I have so far. Paul Spiegel, Health Director, at the City of Oshkosh Health Services Division. 215 Church Ave., P.O. Box 1130, Oshkosh, WI 54903 - 1130 Comments can be mailed to him. It is not known if they will have a public comment meeting. It is rumored the board is afraid things will get "out of hand and heated." Thanks for your help.
  16. I use Muttluks all weather boots and haven't lost a boot yet. My dogs run in the snow chasing balls and frisbees all winter long. The Muttluks are not slippery and are water and salt resistant.
  17. I'm checking into it and when I find out I will let you know.
  18. Our city wants to pass a BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and if you wouldn't mind signing this petition it would be greatly appreciated. http://www.stoposhkoshbsl.com/ Thank you.
  19. We won't know until Dec 22nd. "An animal-neglect charge could be filed against a Sheboygan woman whose "morbidly obese" border collie survived freezing to a sidewalk last week. Humane Society officials say 120-pound Jiffy was left outdoors overnight in single-digit temperatures but survived because it was insulated by layers of fat. Police issued 59-year-old Alice Bigler an ordinance violation for animal neglect. The Sheboygan County district attorney's office says she is scheduled for a Dec. 22 court appearance, when a criminal charge of misdemeanor animal neglect could be filed. A number for Bigler was disconnected. It wasn't immediately known whether she had a lawyer. Police say Bigler told them she tried to coax the dog inside but was unable to, and instead checked on it every few hours."
  20. Vickkers I started out with one dog at a time. After they each had it down I first tried doing it with two on the grass. With one dog she can run along side the back tire and with two it is the same. The coupler adds enough length so they can run side by side. They can not pull me forward at all, I control the speed. The Pyramid sticks out behind the tire by about 6 to 8 inches. I have used other dog walkers and have been dumped but not with this one. IMO because they are "behind" the bike they don't try to pull. When I turn corners I don't have to worry about running them over because they are behind me. This works great for us. I hope you find something that works as well for you.
  21. I use this with two dogs. http://www.amazon.com/Pyramid-Bicycle-Dog-...h/dp/B0006514IG I attach a coupler so I can hook both dogs. The coupler adds enough length so each dog has enough room to run along with me. Works great for us.
  22. We had a very similar problem with our neighbor. He would call the dogs to his house and give them treats, play ball etc. There were times he even took them in his house. I had a talk with him and he was OK for a while but then it started again. First find out if your neighbors are giving Bula treats. If they are tell them to stop. Our only recourse was to fence in the entire area so the dogs could not get to his house. Problem solved.
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