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Hi everyone, I'm Kayla and this is my first post on the boards! Well, my first post but I've been lingering about just reading for a while now. I wasn't sure if it was allowed to create these types of topics but I've seen some others do it, so I just went along with it.


So a little about me? I have one BCX named Petey, he's my first and only childhood dog. Now that I have moved out of my parent's house and into my own, I've decided to get my very own Border Collie. I have done and continue to do enormous amounts of research to the point where I'm sure all my friends think I'm obsessed. Research, as in, daily searches online for anything Border Collie related whether it's training methods to behavioural things, I've talked to Border Collie rescues and breeders and trainers, and most importantly average people who share their house with one! I remember the adolescent days of Petey (actually up until today at the age of 9) and the things my parents went and continue to endure with him, haha.


I wouldn't be getting him/her for another few months but I thought I would finally say hi and not just watch the boards from the shadows. So hi!



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Welcome, Kayla! Hey, you're lucky you're in Ontario. Border Collie Rescue Ontario is a great organization -- who knows, maybe you'll find just the right pup for you with them. Here is my rescue BC Daisy (from Utah, though, not Canada!) wearing her custom-made BCRO collar, which she loves. Well, who knows if she loves it? I do, though, and if I'm happy, she's happy!




Link to Border Collie Rescue Ontario

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