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  1. I'm sorry for your loss ! It is so painfull to loose a friend ...but the good memories will help you cope . Keeps strong !
  2. UPDATE: thanks for the " crate in the bedroom " advise !! Dali has now been sleeping soundly for a full two weeks .....we are happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Do you feel that you can influence them if you cuddle a lot when they are puppies ...or is it totally character ?????
  4. congratulations !! you are of to a new life with a wonderful pet ! My puppy is now 18 weeks , I'm not the one to give advise. the only thing I can say is be consistent ...they are so smart , they'll out smarten you if you are not. wow ..I love the water and bowl story !! we use his own food as treats. and we only train when he's a bit hungry. I love the pictures , he reminds me a lot of Dali ...that look ....!! it's almost the same . If they didn't have different markings I would think it's Dali good luck and enjoy!!!!!!
  5. I forgot to say ...our dog was extremely happy to wait in the car ....I guess he felt we were always coming back to that ????? So often he would sit in the car while we did our thing .... weather permitting . never any accidents in the car ... he had water, a snack and plenty of space ( we have a van) , he was very happy to wait ...and if t toke a long time we always made sure he got a short walk every hour or so ...
  6. I had a dog who had extreme separation anxiety and peed every where if we were not in sight. we tried a herbal remedy for this problem but it only helped mildly. we sprayed something that dogs don't like in every place he peed ...he found other places we ended up taking him everywhere with us ..it toke about a year before he settled down and trusted us ....we still took him everywhere ( I also took him to work) but it gradually became better. every time something came up that we knew was going to upset him we gave him "rescue remedy" before the event ...that was the biggest succes. it really helped ...so we kept using that. a few drops in his drinking bowl on the day and then every 20 minutes before our seperation for about an hour ... it seemed to do the trick ...
  7. All is well !!! I'm happy for you! our vet always says ..animals only feel the moment ..they don't think about the past pain and they don't worry about the future healing process . It makes it so much easier for them than for us. We worry ,they don't.
  8. I didn't realize they had it in them at that age already. Dali is 18 weeks ..I wonder what he would do I'd never seen this before ! thanks for sharing that ..
  9. Dali is still to "puppy" to sit and cuddle I think but today something amazing happened. He came to visit me at work today and there was a man who doesn't feel very good around dogs. I asked him if he preferred if Dali went outside ..He said he was ok , but kept his distance. Dali walked over to him and looked at him with his puppy eyes and the man gave him a quick rub on the head. Dali jumped up on his legs. I wanted to say no and make him sit but the man seemed tempted to touch Dali again. he ended up with Dali almost demanding his attention until both were sitting on the floor and Dali giving him bug hugs , paws wrapped around his neck, and lots of kisses. After a while the man stood up and said it was the most amazing thing ..he had never been so close to a dog and he said he actually felt good about it . He didn't know a dog could hug and kiss like that !!! I now know that there is a further cuddler in there somewhere ...
  10. Thanks for the pictures !! I've never seen the furminator thing over here .... I've seen rubber gloves , and the comb. But the zoom groom is not available here . I like the look of it ...looks like your getting a massage with that I will definitly try the wet towel for now. I guess we will see what Dali's coat grows into .... ( I'm hoping he'll be like River, I like his coat !!) I'll have to go to all possible petshops and look around. In a few weeks time I'm going to the UK , perhaps I will find something there a well ...
  11. When I asked the question about bathing your dogs , Olivia mentioned washing more and brushing often because of family members with hayfever. Both my husband and son have hayfever so I would like to get the best type of brush to get rid of fine dust and pollen in Dali's coat. What do you suggest ? If possible with a photo or link because as we all live in different countries it is hard to relate to brand names sometimes . Dali is still a puppy and he looks like he will be short haired forever ....
  12. The remark about pollen is a good one !! My husband and son are both allergic to pollen and other outdoors stuff so I should take that into consideration. I brush him regularly as well but I need to find the perfect brush .... I will start a different topic on that question.
  13. We took Dali to the children's farm weeks ago and he really did well....so may smells ans sounds ...he wasn't to sure about the cows...but overall he did super. Of course it is not comparable to owning a horse and seeing it everyday. But I was told it is really important to give as many impressions as possible at a young age . There are horses on a field in our street and he goes up to them but as soon as they make a noise ..he's off
  14. She will be ok...it is the parents that usually are not. Sending good vibes across the ocean !!!!
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