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Flea medication

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I use K9 Advantix


I tired that over the counter Bio-Spot a few yrs ago and personally I thought it sucked.

I might as well of just sprayed them with some deep woods off for the effectiveness factor.

Bio-Spot just doesn't hold up IMO

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Biospot will not be in my house again. Great price... if it worked. The only good thing I can say is that Little'un, who has very sensitive skin, poor lad, did NOT run around the yard on his back for half an hour after we put it on him.


But even though we gave him a Capstar an hour before we put the Biospot on him, he had fleas again within 48 hours. Big time.



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Bio spot doesnt work. I have clients in every month with their flea infested dogs that can attest to that. Ya get what ya pay for there. I use the frontline, in conjuntion with a good flea collar, but I also rotate the frontline every few months with Advantix, as reccomended by my vet. To save money, you can purchase the largest size ( for the over 100 lb dogs) and ask your vet the breakdown to distribute it for muli dogs. I would say what it is, but have mine at work, and cant remember off the top of my head. I think its .05 ml per 10 lbs. But check with your vet first. Thats who gave me the dosage breakdown. Darci

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To split a "big" frontline over multiple dogs, you can actually divide the amount per tub (which is listed on the main box) by the HIGHEST lb it covers, and that gives you the amount of liquid you need per lb. Then multiply that by the weight of your dog with a little extra. So if your dog weighs 42 lbs, calculate with 45. And then I always just round up to the next tenth of a mL.


And so not to be lazy, I got up and found a box of Frontline. For the 45-88 lb box, each tube has 2.68 mL's of Frontline. 2.68/88 = a really long small # 0.0304545 (etc). Multiply that by 45 lbs (for my biggest, Pith) and you get 1.3704545 (etc), so I round up to 1.4 mL.


Hopefully that made sense...


0.5 is the amount of Frontline you'd apply for cats, but it's not really an exact weight amount. That generally covers cats up to almost 20#.

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