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Happy 11th Birthday Rudi

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Happy Birthday day Rudi!! She does look great. I wouldn't have guessed over three years old.

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Rudi says thank you to all who've wished her a Happy Birthday. She is our amazing 11 year old but still acts like a pup at times - especially when she's chewing holes in our blankets and sheets.


She's spoiled rotten as all dogs should be and her daily life revolves around her next cookie treat.


I truly believe having more than one dog helps to keep those senior dogs to remain young. Rudi still has tons of energy and runs her "security check" every morning (she likes to run, after the paper has been delivered, the route the paper-guy took, around the cul-de-sac and back to house with the paper!).


Thanks again for all the birthday wishes and compliments on her youthful appearance - we love her and she makes us smile each and every day!

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