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Removing gum from fur

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My dogs have been on a string of the weirdest luck lately :rolleyes:


Somehow Sophie managed to step on gum in the hot street this morning. It's now a gross blob stuck between her toes. So far, she is not trying to eat it off (she is tired and recovering from a hike and swim), and I'm afraid if I try the only remedy I've ever heard of for removing gum in hair, peanut butter, she'll start trying to eat it off. Besides, I've never known peanut butter to really work anyway. I can't cut it out because of where it is. Any suggestions?

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I found a gum-like substance on my little girl's toes once and took a little disposable shaving razor and simply shaved the hair off that area of her toes (and the gum with it). Might not work depending on where on the foot it is and how cooperative the dog is, but it worked for me and involved no complicated bathing, etc.

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Had this happen about a month ago and this is what worked: canola oil worked into the gum and surrounding fur to remove the worst of the gum, then soapy water to get rid of the oil, and a rinse with the hose to get rid of the soap. By then the vast majority was gone and I just cut the remaining bits off w/ scissors.

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