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  1. My Jen loves to chase squirrels and she has actually caught three in 5 years however they never survive and she always seems confused as to why the just wont run anymore . It's so gross when she does catch one.
  2. at three our Mac is 27 1/2 iinches at the shoulder. I used to think Jen was big but he is a head taller easily . His mom was stocky and short his Dad was lean and very tall he is a complete blend of the two very tall and stocky!
  3. All very sweet and cute but really when you look up handsome Border Collie in the dictionary this is the picture you'll see.... Mac the sweetest, funniest boy ever.
  4. So we go to my inlaws this morning and I see the boy about 8 or 9 across the street dragging there mix breed dog down the street on a leash screaming at her " come on... hurry up... now" so I stop just as he is pulling her up their front steps. She appears to be old and slow. Anyway just I start over he pulls the leash up as high as his nasty little arm would go and begins to whip her on the face. Ok he little I'm not and he doesn't know me but I could not stay out of it... so I yell HEY WHATS WRONG WITH YOU KNOCK THAT OFF!! So this little darling tells me f-off lady! Then as she creeps sheepishly inside I hear him scream BAD DOG! I am angry, stupid people really make me mad. How does anyone let alone a child act so awful?
  5. A year ago I would have said females but then came Mac and I love my Macky boy. I really dont have a prefrence when it comes to dogs, well thats not entirely true...I prefer Border Collies . Jenny 1st picture Mac 2nd.
  6. Mac standing on the couch is a year old and he ways 59 pounds but he is not fat at all. Jenny weighs in at 53 and I'll be the first to admit she's a chunk. (we are working on that) However mac does stand a head taller than Jen his dad was real leggy and so is he... he is so tall.
  7. Mac was hit by a car tuesday night , in my quiet little culdesac. I had him and jenny out off leash and at 1 year his recall is almost perfect 99% of the time... but almost was not good enough. I saw the car called him and he looked up but didn't move so I moved toward him because I was afraid he might decide to come suddenly. Well thats just what he did before I could get to him. And he got hit. Luckily our neighbor was going very slow she ran over his left front paw and his chin was cut. We spent the night at the emergency vet and followed up with our vet this A.M. ( she was off yesterday). It looks like he may need a toe amputated we will know more in a few days but we will be going for daily bandage changes in the mean time. She had said I could do them at home but after seeing it in person this morning she decided she needs to see him daily. I feel just awful, and totally at fault , someone asked if I was angry with my neighbor or expected them to pay and I was shocked. We all know when your dog is of lead whatever happens is on you. I just figured he'd been doing so great and it was 8:30m at night that we'd be fine. Anyway long post but keep him in your thoughts I'm sure he will be fine minus a toe but I'd hate to see him have to go through anymore he is pretty traumatized as is.
  8. I love this topic Mac almost a year old is a complusive licker but not of people ....he lick doors walls and his favorite thing is glass! Windows are number 1, every window, french door, and sliding glass door from knee level down have a nice dirty spitty film on them. Neighbors love to come and watch they keep telling me to video him cause it is " SO FUNNY! " yeah unless it's your dirty windows. Sometimes if he tires of his slow sloppy licking he will just sit with his tongue on the glass while he continues to slobber like a fountain. I will admit it is somewhat funny but it drives DH crazy ( clean freak) and it has been very hard to stop.
  9. I give our crew a chew when my son's guitar teacher come over just for that reason. Jenny and Casey are calm most of the time but Mac ( 10 months old ) still gets so excited when we have company, I find he just sort of zones out when he is chewing on a bone... even his eyes get this I've gone to my happy place look.
  10. My dogs would go insane if I made them stay outside all day and then put them on a mat when they were allowed in. I know not everyone does things the same way but our animals are as much a part of our family as anyone of us are. My bc's are so affectionate and want to be with us. It breaks my heart to think how lonely this guy must be.
  11. I use the new Advantage Multi it covers fleas, heartworms, roundworms, whipworms and hookworms. You use it just like advantage it's so easy and just one thing to remember! We love it.
  12. Peanut butter works great on gum in hair!!! Human or animal the dog will gladly want to help clean up. It really just slips right out.
  13. Yeah he's thin but not really skinny, Jenny is on the heavy side but has lost six pounds. I was just surprised how much taller he is than her and she's a big dog. I mis posted earlier he was 24 inches at the shoulder. He's a tall goofy puppy and we adore him !!
  14. Mac is bigger than Jenny!! He is six months old and growing like a weed. He was measured today, 31 pounds and 22 inches at the shoulder. His dad was a tall leggy guy but wow I am shocked. I wonder how much more he'll grow and when should I neuter him? How big are your young ones is it just me cause he seems really tall. Thanks in advance for any feedback
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