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O/T For those wanting to move to Denver :D (Funny)

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This morning we had windchills of -20F. Not funny. Not when walking the dog around the block.


Anyway, here's a funny text that might give you an idea about what we're going through. So true, so true....




Dear Diary:


AUG. 1

Moved to our new home in Denver. It is so beautiful

here. The city is so picturesque. Can hardly wait to see it

covered with snow. I LOVE IT HERE


OCT. 14

Denver is the most beautiful place on earth. The leaves

are turning all different colors. I love the shades of red and

orange. Went for a ride through the hills and saw some deer. They are so graceful. Certainly they are the most peaceful animals on earth. This

must be paradise. I LOVE IT HERE.


NOV. 11

Deer season will open soon. I can not imagine anyone

wanting to kill such an elegant creature. The very symbol

of peace and tranquility. Hope it will snow soon. I LOVE IT



DEC. 2

It snowed last night. Woke up to find everything blanketed

in white. It looked like a postcard. Went outside and cleaned

snow off the steps and shoveled the drive way. We had

a snowball fight today (I won).When the snowplow came by

we had to shovel the driveway again. What a beautiful place.

Mother Nature in perfect harmony. I LOVE IT HERE.


DEC. 12

More snow last night. I love it. The snowplow did his trick

again that rascal. A winter wonderland. Wonder where all those

snowplows are? I LOVE IT HERE.


DEC. 19

Snowed again last night. Couldn't get out of the driveway to

get to work this time. I'm exhausted from shoveling.

Damn Snowplow!


DEC. 22

More of that white s**t fell last night. I've got blisters on my

hands from shoveling. I think the snowplow hides around

the corner and waits until I'm done shoveling. That a$$hole!!!


DEC. 25

"White Christmas" my busted a$$. More snow. If I ever get

my hands on that son-of-a-bitch who drives that snowplow,

I swear I will castrate the dumb bastard. Don't know why

they don't use more salt on this freaking ice!


DEC. 28

More of the same s**t last night . Been inside since Christmas

day except for when "Snowplow Harry" comes by. Can't go

anywhere. The car is buried in a mountain of white s**t.

The weatherman says expect another 10 inches of this s**t

tonight. Do you know how many shovels full of snow 10

inches is?


JAN. 1

Happy freaking New Year My A$$!!. The weatherman was

wrong (AGAIN). We got 34 inches of snow this time. At this

rate it won't melt until the 4th of July. The snowplow got

stuck down the road and s**t for brains had the balls to

come to the door and ask to borrow my shovel. I told him

I broke 6 shovels already, shoveling out the s**t he plowed

into my driveway. I broke the 7th shovel over his head.


JAN. 4

Finally got out of the house today. Went to the store to get

food and on the way back a deer ran out in front of the car

and I hit the damn deer. Did about $3,000.00 damage to the

car. Wish the hunters would have killed them all last November.



Took the car to the garage in town today. Would you believe

the body is rotting away from all the Crap they keep dumping

All over the roads. It really looks like a piece of s**t.


MAY 10

Moved to Florida today. I can not imagine why anyone in

their right mind would want to live in the God forsaken State

of Colorado.



Still want to move to Denver?! LOL LOL LOL

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What fun! As I live in a place which rarely gets snow - in fact we have a very moderate climate - I've always thought lots of snow would be lovely. But I spent some time travelling in the US and Canada one winter, and I could see how having lots of snow could get very old very quickly!

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Been there, done that (in Vermont), which is why I now live just below the snow line!!! I remember a car that would not start, sat for a week, got buried so dang deep, we just left it for the winter, sold it in the spring for scrap practically...I feel your pain...

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ROFL! Very funny!


Anybody with walks/driveway to shovel in Denver needs a 2-stage snowblower. Such a machine would cut through the snow blocking your driveway. So far this winter in Baltimore the total snowfall is about three inches. Living next to the Chesapeake Bay moderates the winter weather. That suits me just fine!


But in the old days back in Utah I shoveled plenty of snow.

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Anda, did you decide to share your weather with the rest of us?


Today we've had a high of 11, with windchills well below 0. It is snowing, and there are white out conditions all around. The dogs were worn out by a 10 min "swim" in the field. It think it's supposed to make it up to 4 tomorrow.



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40 degress!?! Enjoy it! According to the weather map, we'll be fortunate to make it up to 20 by the middle of next week.


We are currently under a blizzard warning, and the road commission has issued a statement saying they will not be plowing the secondary roads until mid-morning tomorrow. Thankfully, our neighbor keeps our road plowed with his tractor, so I can drive the 2/3 mile over to take care of the sheep.

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Hah! Other than the amount of snow, Indiana is having worse weather - right now the windchill is hovering at -15.


Tonight the low is -5, tomorrow the high is to be a balmy 0 and a low of -7 or -9 depending on who you listen to. All of that's w/o the wind - it's flat here so wind has nothing to slow it down in the winter.


I'm wearing my quilted coveralls to class tomorrow!!

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