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  1. Ok! Do they serve drinks there? Are all the wait staff as dashing as the one inyour pic? [/QB] Ahhh... the waiters are definitely attentive and will bring you the nicest pina coladas...
  2. From Mother Goose and Grimm 29 Dec 2006
  3. i like this one too.. Bizzaro 14 Oct 2006
  4. soloriver.. you are not the only one who had the same thoughts!
  5. My friend is using the Canon Digital Rebel XTi and I'm using the Canon Digital Rebel XT. The 10mp for the XTI helps tons when you are shooting indoors for the dog sports where you really need to shoot in RAW, so that you can brighten them up. Kat, most of the pictures that i have posted are taken either using the XTI or the XT. My favorites so far take with the XTI are from here http://www.bordercollie.org/cgi-bin/ultima...2617;p=1#000000
  6. Fade looks so sweet and wonderful!! I'm glad that you both found each other. Hope that you'd have many good years together!
  7. errm.. i think that kingsley's ever heard an american bark on animal planet or such when my mum is watching tv. but he's not into tv at all... i don't think it registers in his mind about other dogs on tv.
  8. i often wonder if dogs are really colour blind? When kingsley was at the shelter. He could never get along with any brown dogs and had to be separated from them - the shelter suspects that he was attacked by a GR or brown dog when he was younger. Things got better after i adopted him and began to socialise him more. However, he still can't stand Golden retrivers, GSDs and Huskies. Often, he'd notice them and want to attack them even before the other dogs got a chance to look at him and they are like at least 20 -30 feet away- so it's not the eye staring contest or anything like that. On the other hand.. his best friend is a beagle. and ever since then.. he simply loves beagles.. often going up to them - strangers with tail wagging and such. For most parts.. he is the aloof stay-away-from-me.. "i will ignore you if you don't come within inches from me" kind of dog.
  9. Colorado girl.. tell me if your dogs lose weight after switching. Thanks!
  10. kkekekeke.. that's such a coincidence. all i can say is..17kg of pro plan .. is A-L-O-T of treats!!!
  11. hey Kat, i'm thinking of switching to either Candiae or timberwolf too.. Apparently, research has shown that timerwolf organics dry food is most suited for border collies and of cos i have heard great stuff about candiae too. feeding by breed http://home.att.net/~wdcusick/free.html The problem now is i have just opened a 17 kg pack of king's regular feed (which he has been eating since at the shelter). And he won another 17 kg of pro plan's sensitive skin and stomach. And yeah.. if i do switch.. i wonder if 1 cup will be enough for him.
  12. Hi Kat, the e18 error is a pretty common one with canon compact cameras.. especailyl the powershot ones. it could mean that the lens got something stuck there and you will need to fix it. http://www.bitnet.cx/canon.html However, an e18 error could mean that your CF card is not placed properly.. so try to eject the card and re-insert. or the cover is not closed properly. Hope it helps in reviving your camera.
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