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  1. Kailyn loves animal crackers and is what refer to as a "dishwasher junkie". The minute she hears the dishes being put in she comes running to lick the plates clean....she's pre-rinsing you know!
  2. My new Canon Rebel XT is the best camera I've ever owned, worth every penny. The attached pic was taken with the standard lens it came with, not sure how much detail you can see on the board, but when enlarged on the computer, you can see every detail down to the sparkle she seems to have in her fur and the intensity in her eyes (if you haven't guessed, I'm holding her ball behind me!) I also purchased a longer lens with image stabilizer, which takes fantastic action shots. I'm still learning with it, but it's very easy to use.
  3. That's soooo great!! We are so relieved that Ben is back, and also wholeheartedly agree with fooshoo man, we have been just heartsick for you....it's amazing that most of us have never met but the feelings can be so strong.
  4. Thanks so much for your help, I am going to become the crazy flying material lady! You're right, we will stoop to just about anything for our dogs! I just hope that I don't leave the house and leave something attached! lol Deb, what you describe with Allie is exactly Kailyn, it is the noise the scares her, garbage bags and all. Thanks for the support and encouragement.
  5. Thanks for your quick reply! Kailyn has just turned one year old a few days ago, and we're pretty sure that the fear developed during her puppy fear period when my dh was making our bed. She has no fear whatsoever of these things when they are laying around (believe me my floor regularly has things covering it). There is always a towel by the door for muddy feet, which is also beside her food dish and she loves her blankets in her bed, on our bed etc. The minute we move them in any way, she freaks. I will definitely try to make it playtime, we're willing to do anything at this point, I feel so terrible for her when she's so afraid.
  6. Kailyn has developed a desperate fear of clothing, towels, sheets, anything made of material. It has gotten so bad, that every time we change clothes, pull the covers up on the bed, move some laundry, dry dishes with a towel etc., she hides, runs in circles, pees from anxiety, etc. We can't figure out where the fear came from. Right now, my dh came home and took off his shirt and she has crawled up around the back of my head. Any suggestions....please!!??
  7. Kailyn is now almost 11 months old and on surfing some BC rescue websites, it appears that we may have fallen for a four month old pup in the States. Before we consider adopting a new pup, we have some questions. Kailyn has a best friend on our street, a BC that is almost 1 year old. They play regularly, at least 4 times per week and adore each other. They are both females. So....our questions.... 1. Would bringing a third dog into the mix be okay? We would love to have the permanent companion for our dog and we also would love to have a second pup, but we want to make sure that everyone will get along. 2. Would a male be a more suitable choice when 2 females are already present? Both girls have been spayed and do generally get along with other dogs. 3. What age is best for bringing another dog into the household? We don't want to do it to early. and finally, 4. What are the laws for bringing a dog across the border into Canada? Thanks for your help
  8. We are in Oakville, Ontario, about 1 hour from Buffalo.
  9. We are having the same issue with Kailyn. She is now almost 10 months old and has exhibited the very same "bossy" behaviour when a dog tries to approach me, or tries to take her ball. (I think she is more possessive of her beloved ball!) We are also considering getting a rescue playmate for Kailyn, we love to take her on organized hikes with other dogs and we are planning on pursuing agility training for her as well. This bossiness is getting in the way of all her fun. Are there any suggestions how to deal with it? We have tried telling her off etc., but it seems to be getting worse.
  10. You have to check this out, it's too funny! http://www.dropshots.com/day.php?userid=151852&c date=20060726
  11. Oh she is motivated by her ball allright, or should I say obsessed, (I know typical bc!) the world does not revolve anymore and nothing else exists when there is a ball present!
  12. Last night was Kailyn's first night at obedience school, she is now almost five months old. In our class of 16 nicely behaved puppies, (sorry 15, plus mine!) I had the only one who could care less about all the treats I had carefully prepared through the day. I tried chicken weiners, liver snacks, cheese, etc., had a little bit of everything. I didn't feed her dinner, so she must have been hungry, but all she wanted to do was play. I couldn't get her attention for anything! I realize it's only her first class, but if I can't get her attention, we're not going to get very far. On the upside, I did get alot of personal attention/training from the instructors (who are bc people as well!) Any suggestions?
  13. Before Kailyn, we had a BC/GSD mix named Hershey. I knew never to leave anything on the counter,but on one particular garbage day, I had cleaned out the fridge, putting all the solid waste in the garbage and all of the wet waste, spaghetti sauce, etc., in an ice cream bucket to deal with later. The kids were late for school, so I put the yucky, full ice cream bucket in the kitchen sink, thinking Hershey could never reach it to pull it out. (What was I thinking!) When I came back home 15 minutes later, I knew something was up when my pup was in the bedroom and didn't come out to greet me. She was feeling fine (and I'm sure comfortably full) other than bigtime guilt. When I went into the kitchen, I discovered that she had tried several times to pull the container out of the sink, only to have it drop back in, splashing its contents all over the counter, the backsplash, etc. She apparently finally did get it out and with such a force that it was sprayed all over the entire kitchen, cupboards, floor, table and ceiling! She didn't come out of the bedroom all day and I had sauce stains on the ceiling until we moved out!
  14. I am very new here, this is also my first bc. I am so very sorry for your loss. You dad must have been a wonderful man, judging by all the previous posts. I truly wish I had the privilege to get to know him a little through his postings. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
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