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  1. Thanks Maria and everyone for all their kind words! email or pm me if you're interested, or just visit the website for more info. Thank you all
  2. Wow Kyla is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see your switzerland pics!!!
  3. Sheryl, I only work in pencil (shades of gray). No color, sorry So his red would show up a lighter shade of gray than ther black does. I think even the colored dogs translate very well in pencil. Like with the golden retrievers, you just know by the fur that they're golden!
  4. I laughed out loud!! hehehehe That's great news about Missy, give her a big hug from me
  5. Why in the world does she WANT to come over anyway? to visit her brother? ugh I'd be pissed off too.
  6. I also sell my sketches on t-shirts and other things like mugs and mousepads. So you could in effect have "your own border collie" on a t-shirt if you wanted. Just like Rob Dog, or Cooper! http://www.cafepress.com/aaap/1739489
  7. Thank you Maria! I'll be starting Gracie's sketch tonight It was Little Bo Boop who invited me to join this board. She was right you all are wonderful! Bustopher, you know I can't wait to draw Annie for you! To everyone else, please check out my website even if you can't afford to get a sketch done. There are a lot of great pets to see, and I also have a monthly contest for a free sketch. Also we recently added a Border Collie section to our Cafe Press site. You can get some of my sketches on mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and other items. I can also customize any of them for yo
  8. Wow she is gorgeous! What is going to be her name?? Please stay on this board, it's one of the most informative boards I've been a part of, a lot of people here own several breeds and lots of Aussie owners too. Congrats on getting her! She is soooo cute.
  9. If you are planning to drive from Texas you should stay in the southwest corner of colorado. The beautiful San Juan mountain range is spectacular! There is a little place called Lake City (not touristy or trendy) I can highly recommend. this will get you started... http://www.lakecityco.com/
  10. I just saw the Australian Kelpie page today and thought wow I would have never guessed that dog was a breed, it looks like a cross!
  11. Excellent link! Thanks -I think I'll add that to my website
  12. I saw this ad on Craigslist St Louis MO. Apparently they rescued a litter of BC/mix pups that had been dumped by the river. They are up for adoption. Anyway, I just thought I'd post the link to their website which has a ton of info on the puppies. They aren't asking very much for the puppies, like $20, just so they get good homes. http://matriarchsociety.com/puppy/
  13. You're so welcome, and YES your cat Beau IS beautiful! The photo you sent will work just fine. The biggest problem I've had is if someone sends scanned files of polariods. Polariod photos in general do not capture enough information for me to do a nice job. Having said that, if someone contacted me and all they had was one terrible photo of a pet they dearly loved, I would certainly try very very hard to create a beautiful drawing. It's more about satisfying & pleasing the customer to me. It's not about making alot of money, or doing something a certain way. I really get attached to
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