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dog friendly camping w/in 2 hours of sacramento?

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Sky92x ~ Did you try Collins Lake, Rollins Lake or Wrights Lake? I have been to all three with dogs many times in past years, but I can't say whether or not they are still dog friendly. Also, we just went camping at Ft.Bragg on the coast last weekend. Ft.Bragg is about a 3.5 hr trip. We went to a private campground called Pomo campground. Very friendly for dogs. Nice grassy areas where you can potty them (just make sure to pick up after them). Lots of nearby trails and beaches you can take your dogs on leash.

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We used to go up to Mammoth Lakes all the time. All trails are off leash if you want. Horseshoe lake is used as a dog park by the locals and our dogs loved going there to play with everyone.


The town itself is very dog friendly and many shops have water dishes and treats for the furbies. It's at little further than 2 hours but well worth the trip.


Rob and a new pal at Horseshoe Lake


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I've taken the dogs to Wrights Lake, very pretty area, nice campground, lots of dog friendly trails, less than 2 hours from Sac on Highway 50.You can't have your dog off leash in the campground but I think that's universal. One thing, there's a lake nearby called Bloodsucker Lake I think, a nice trail but it allegedly really has leeches in it, hence the name. Beware.

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Originally posted by punkrockbc:

Oo, you're in Sac? Me too! =)


We camp most summers at/around Squaw Valley in Tahoe, it is AWESOME! If you go in the winter, you can try out sledding with a team or skijoring with your own dog.

I saw a guy walking a Collie in Roseville today by the KFC, looked a lot like your dog. Was that you?
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LOL, no, I'm a female. I actually live in Folsom so I'm near Roseville =0) that's cute that you saw a Gonzo look-a-like! I haven't seen any BC's who look like my pup. He's uh... unique, in a funny-looking way. I met one BCxHusky who did resemble him, though, go figure.


Tahoe is awesome, anyway! Gonzo is off-leash when we go, as long as we are there to give him commands. He has never bothered anyone. There's tons of secluded trails & areas around the lake. Except, every time we go there is always at least 10 Labs that run up with the owner far behind calling "Don't worry, my dog is friendly!" :rolleyes: We usually stay at our cabin but we go camping, too.

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