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  1. I just received a call from my father that someone 'found his border collie' I thought that my dog got loose (though how they had his info, I don't know.) But found my dog safe at home. Apparently the tag on the collie is hard to read, and they thought it had his address. Does anyone perhaps know this dog? If anyone knows the owner of this dog, please have them call Placer Animal Control, and ask about the BC found near Vista Creek.
  2. I was thinking about some kind of ear tattoo for them. Like the CCI dogs. The dogs are always together.
  3. So our BC (Rezso) and ASD (Daisy) were roughousing in the house, and I was in the garage. I heard my wife (through 2 closed doors, all the way across the house) making panicked shouts. So I ran out of the garage and into the back room. The dogs looked locked together, and my wife had them pinned so they wouldn't move. Rezso had his lower jaw stuck under Daisy's collar, and it was extremely tight. She was making gasping noises. Couldn't cut the collar off, it was too tight - And the quick release clasp felt jammed. Fortunately, I got it off by pushing the ends together while sq
  4. AVG is the best antivirus I've ever ran across. I have zero experience with Avast, but I know its popular and has a good reputation. Norton and Mcaffee are horrid, and do more harm than good MHO. (Speaking from vast experience.)
  5. So, wife and I get home from a movie. Rezzie is in the front room, tail wagging. "Look dad! I got out! Aren't you proud of me!?" Rezzie finally ate his way out of his "tent" kennel. He made a visit to the office, with a camera on a tripod in the middle of the floor, my new Canon 30D on my desk with a tasty looking neck strap dangling down, and a very tempting Canon 300D on the floor. Not to mention a delicious guitar, amongst other things. And what did he do? Unpacked the stuffed animals, "decorated" the room with garbage, Found a speaker at the bottom of a for-goodw
  6. The worst thing my Rezso does is eat cardboard and hump the australian shepherd, but she doesn't seem to mind. I'm pretty happy with him.
  7. All I will say is: They aren't working at PetCO to pay off their student loan to Yale.
  8. That story gets me every time. But I doubt the majority of sheeple would watch a movie based on it.
  9. I tried many unsuccessful ways, too. My mother-in-law can make him do it *every time* her method, is to: offer hand, say shake, lift dog's collar. Dog's paw comes off the ground, she takes it and says "good shake!" He *used* to do it for me, but recently stopped again.
  10. Many people are as impressionable as clay, and about as smart. Finding Nemo influenced a lot of silly people with poor judgement to kill a LOT of saltwater fish, because everyone wanted a Nemo and a Dorie (doris?) and had no idea the knowledge, skill, and patience it takes to start a saltwater tank. But on the other hand, What breed do you suggest that hollywood uses? I would expect to see Huskies in a sledding movie, and I'd expect to see a BC in a movie on a farm. 8 Below wouldn't have worked with, say, Chihuahuas. But if it did - they should fund Chihuahua rescues?
  11. yeah it looks amazing! But come to fnid out, its about 12/sq foot. So... it would cost me about $1500 in materials to do my dog run. Heck that's almost as much as I payed to carpet my entire house.
  12. What about the rice stuff they use under pools?
  13. Looks like you can spend as much money as you want to, I've found it from 1/ft^2 to 10+/ft^2 $$ right now they just tear the ground up and wallow in mud like piggies all day.
  14. Im thinking about lining hte bottom of my dog run with astroturf. Will this be ok?
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