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Happy Gotcha Day Fynne!

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We've had Fynne for a whole year now! She's no longer Lucy-fer - just look at that sweet face!


I went out and got her a whole goat for this special day! I forgot all about Boy's Gotcha Day (January 25th) so I suppose I'll let him have a little goat too. :rolleyes:

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Deb, you want her? :rolleyes:


Just kidding! She's much, much nicer to be around nowadays. She's very responsive and I like that. She's much better around people now and much more settled, so if I can just get her past her issues with other dogs then we will be ok. It will open up a whole new world for her because she will be able to go more places and not kill me in the process!


Fynne gained 5 lbs tonight, literally. Her belly is HUGE! :D




I ate a goat!

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Guest JoeysMom

Happy gotcha day, Fynne! :rolleyes: Happy belated gotcha day, Boyden! :D You two are quite the lucky ones to have found such a good home. May you have many more happy days!

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Boyden & Fynne & you and your husband are an asset to the group... I Don't post much but have learned enormous from you.... Your postings are real from the heart & I am sure everthing will work out perfectly...

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Happy Gotcha Day Fynne!!!


WOW!!! 5 pounds! That is what you get for eating a goat!


I hope she gave Boy a little, he needs it. Happy gotcha day to Boy too - even if it is a bit late.

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