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  1. http://hometown.aol.com/bc2sheep/jack_index.html I purchased my dog from him 2 years ago...Great tempermant couldn't be happier
  2. The Champion destoyed about a dozen remote controls from 6 mos. to a year old...He would shred them into a billion of small pieces... Always happened on Sunday nights, I suspect it was from the scent of my hand or that my friends & I were watching too much NFL on Sunday Ticket @ the house... About the only damage he ever did... I have always been careful about leaving my cell phone out because of this and have never had a mishap but was more careless about the remote controls... I spent alot of time on Ebay replacing them... As I am writing this, I am thinking I have not had any remote control damage in over seven months & now leave any remotes out in the open without a problem... If the remote control damage reappears next month with the start of football season I actually will be pretty impressed...
  3. Miztiki Boyden & Fynne & you and your husband are an asset to the group... I Don't post much but have learned enormous from you.... Your postings are real from the heart & I am sure everthing will work out perfectly...
  4. Also glad everything turned out o.k. take care
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