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List of dogs Deregistered?

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Your points are well taken and my quibble about the ABCA not being strictly a working registry was not a criticism of the ABCA. I'm fine with the registry being what it is; a repository for pedigrees. I also recognized the work that the ABCA as an organization does to support Border Collies as a working breed. The registry, as is, is a valuable resource It could be more valuable were the databases capable of being searched by members (and with the size of the ABCA's annual IT budget, I can't understand why it isn't) but that's another issue.


However, no one buying a dog based solely on its eligibility to be ABCA registered should be fooled into thinking that they are guaranteed a "working dog" or a dog from "working parents" any more that anyone buying an AKC registered dog should be fooled into thinking they have a dog that could compete at Crufts.





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