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  1. I posted because I was reading a thread where deregistered dogs were listed and there were various theories put forth as to why people would do this. I figured I would tell why. Not to justify what I did....not to say "I'm not a bad person," but simply to say why I made the decision I did. What did I prove by showing? Not a darn thing! I never intended to prove a darn thing...well, maybe just one thing, to one person, and I did that. I didn't prove anything to judges...I didn't prove anything to other exhibitors. Maybe I had an impact on some of the spectators I spoke to ringside....m
  2. Well, let's see. Hopefully I can answer the questions. First of all, in pointing out what the judge said, I certainly didn't mean to say that working ability can be assessed by looks. You can't judge working ability based on looks. When I decided to enter Bizzie in conformation I knew she was going to be judged against a written standard and that I was basically paying for one person's opinion on a given day. Honestly, the opinion didn't mean much to me in the end. I didn't expect to change the big picture but we had fun. My opinion and personal value of Bizzie didn't change at all whet
  3. Here are a couple of pictures of the girl. Lordy how I miss her. Laura Wright
  4. Oh well...why not! Ziiiiiip...flame suit is on and fireproofing has been applied. I am Laura Wright and I was blessed and incredibly lucky to own deregistered WW Keep N Bizzie. Bizzie was a small 18.38" almost smooth rough coat, with gigantic prick ears, and a split face to boot. She was also incredibly cute. She was my first border collie and was game for any bizarre activity I could think of. We played at some herding (she never ran in open), got her CD, did some agility, danced (never competed), played around in rally, and yes, I finished her AKC championship. For the record, her bre
  5. I'll add my experience as well. I used to have 2 lhasas, mother and daughter. When the daughter turned 3, she started attacking her mother. There didn't have to be toys present, food, household activity, etc. going on. Her mother could be under a table sleeping and her daughter, 15 feet away, would run over and jump her. The daughter was trying to kill her mother. We tried to manage the situation. They were always supervised, crated when we left them, both were spayed, both were tested for thyroid, both did obedience, etc. Heck, I even contacted an animal communicator. All would be q
  6. Thanks for all of the replies...it's flyer for a recent event. I just wanted to check if there was an organization I wasn't aware of.
  7. http://www.cherohala.org/images/imagesfore...yer%20FINAL.pdf Here's the link to the referenced organization. You might have to cut and paste the info. The flyer references having ABCHA certified working border collies and being an ABCHA member. Anyone?
  8. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've come across a reference to the American Border Collie Handlers Association and wondered if someone could tell me about it. It says that they have sanctioned trials? I can't find anything about it online other than one or two references to the organization? Thanks!
  9. Interesting article... Although I know the author was simply trying to make a point, having completed an international adoption and nearing the one year anniversary of bringing our son home, I can assure everyone that adopting a stray is NOT harder than adopting a child! Now, I will say that having our biological daughter was easier for me in many ways than whelping my 1st litter of bc puppies. Nobody ever asked me if I'd had my hips checked, my hearing tested, my eyes checked out, and why I thought my husband and I were worthy of reproducing!!!!
  10. I just bought 4 new 6" latigo leashes from Max200 and LOVE them. I paid about $10.00 per leash and the quality is GREAT. They come in 3 colors and you can get get lengths from 2 feet up to 6 feet.
  11. I have 3 bcs; the boy is 6.5 years old, one girl is 16 mos. old and the other girl is 6 mos. old. Oh my. I certainly wasn't looking for another puppy 5 mos. ago but it was a case of "right puppy but BAD time." Anyway, I got the second puppy because she was just too darn nice to turn down. While I haven't regretted my decision, it has been a tremendous amount of work. I'm so ready for puppyhood to be be over...and I only have another year or two to go!!!
  12. I had issues with my girl when she was about 4-5 years old. She had an impacted anal gland that ruptured and then we couldn't get it to heal. There were about 3-4 open, draining infected areas around her anus that lasted for months. We did everything from topical ointment to antibiotics to chinese medicine and tea bags. Yup...I held tea bags on my girl's butt 3 times a day for a week. Needless to say we both LOVED that treatment! It certainly made it hard to relax with a nice cup of tea afterwards! Finally after months of messing around my vet put her on a big dose of prednisone and the
  13. I don't know what makes them glow...but one nearly gave me a heart attack a few years ago. I was sleeping in bed and woke up...only to see a mysterious green orb floating above me in bed...I was very freaked out. Then the ghost gave a muffled "whoo whoo" and I realized it was my doofus boy Dan trying to get a game going with his buddy glow ball in his mouth while he stood on the bed. Oh my....took a while to recover
  14. Ok....I'll play. Dan is named Dan from the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. George Cloony's hair pomade was Dapper Dan brand. We just finished watching it when we named him. Possum is named Possum because she looked like one when she was born. She remains the Awesome Possum. Kelda's name comes from author Terry Pratchett's books, the discworld series. Crivens!!!
  15. I'm not sure where to post this. I was at the website reading about the ROM and its requirements and wonder if anyone knows about how many dogs have earned this over the years?
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