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NY Times: Designer Dogs

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Cover story of this Sunday's NY Times Magazine (2/4/07): Designer Dog-Fights: the Modern Kennel Conundrum.


From the article:

Katherine C. Grier, a cultural historian and author of ?Pets in America,? told me: ?The dogness of dogs has become problematic. We want an animal that is, in some respects, not really an animal. You?d never have to take it out. It doesn?t shed. It doesn?t bark. It doesn?t do stuff.?
Freakish show dogs on the one hand... factory-farmed "designer pups" on the other... [shudder]. Quite a read.
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A dog is a dog, if you don't have time or space for it, get a cat! People shouldn't try and change the nature of not just a breed, but a species. To me, those little pocket dogs you see Paris Hilton carrying around in her purse aren't dogs. A dog is a companion and friend, not an accessory.





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I don't know what's worse: the mass-producing puppymiller or the show breeders who are actually *proud* of breeding such abnormal creatures. Neither have any respect for the dogs. For one it's about the money, for the other it's about the glory.




ETA: In regards to that quote about people not wanting a dog that acts like a dog, I have the perfect solution:




It doesn't eliminate in the house. It doesn't eliminate, period. Hell, it doesn't even eat. It has the good looks of the Border Collie but the mellow temperament of the granite. It won't herd the kids, it won't wake you up at night and if you ever need protection, you can throw it at someone.


Plus you can get MINIATURE petrocks - they never get tired of sitting in a purse.

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This quote makes me very sad.


Why shouldn?t we be capable of driving the entire species toward its inevitable end, down a millennia-long trajectory from wolf to stuffed animal?
The whole article is pretty disturbing. Maybe we are some of the few that still want a dog we can do activities with. Not just one that will await our return all happy in the apartment. . .
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