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  1. General rule of thumb when buying a digicam: Buy a camera made by a camera company. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT (nice to see I'm not the only one). It is the best camera ever. I love it. I have the 35mm version as well and didn't have to buy any new lenses when I upgraded. For a DSLR, it's pretty inexpensive. I paid just under $500 for it (body only). If you want a DSLR, I'd highly recommend it.
  2. It is a drawing, not a photo. It's one of the few I've done that I wish I still had in my possession!!! It was created for a dog rescue in North Carolina for their silent auction. I have a print of it up in my house though.
  3. Commission info can be found here: http://portrait.dancingcavy.com/ ATM, I'm closed to commissions though. Not sure when I'll be open again. Maybe this spring.
  4. Thanks everyone!! The photo of the WIP was taken a while ago (mid-January). Rudy (the German shepherd) is almost complete now. Just his leg and his hind end/tail to go. Lilly (the GSD/Husky mix) is almost half done.
  5. Thought I'd share some art with you guys, since I realized I haven't yet. Work-in-Progress:
  6. Book was good. So was the movie. It has a few sad moments but is definately one of my favorites.
  7. It'd be interesting to find out which it is. I know Risa gets excited when we're arriving at OB class or the nature trail. It's pretty funny to hear her getting all 'worked up.'
  8. This quote makes me very sad. The whole article is pretty disturbing. Maybe we are some of the few that still want a dog we can do activities with. Not just one that will await our return all happy in the apartment. . .
  9. Ris has one of those Old Navy frisbees like the one Ouzo has. It's the only one we have that wasn't destroyed within 2 or 3 play sessions. Unfortunately, it's a bit deformed now and full of teeth marks. Still flies okay. . .well, for most of the flight anyway. I just bought her a Kong one. I think it might hold up better than the Old Navy one.
  10. Ris enjoys her Kong and her Good and Bad Cuz. The Jolly Ball is also a lot of fun.
  11. To play it safe, I don't feed Ris within an hour before or after exercise.
  12. Risa is a quiet dog too. She rarely barks. But when she would get 'frustrated' with me while training, she would bark. I clicker train with her so I just waited for her to offer the behavior. When she did, I clicked and rewarded her. Then I added a hand sign and now she knows how to speak on command. You can try tying him up and getting excited. Because he can't reach you to join in the excitement, he may start barking and you can reward him.
  13. We're working on laying on her side, standing up on her hind legs, spinning, and standing up to spin around. Laying on her side is going okay but she's not really reliable on it. I still have to lure. I tried to train standing up on her hind legs with a hand sign but, due to my own goofups, she now stands and spins with that sign. So now I need to work on splitting up those three behaviors. Shouldn't take long--she picks up on clicker training fast!
  14. I just can't see how using no corrections at all would work in the long haul. I've heard of it being done (if you read the Idiot's Guide to Positive Training it is completely positive). I just can't see it working for me. I'm with Kat on this one. For training, purely positive is the best way to go. I mean, you can't correct a dog for not doing what it doesn't know how to do! (Well, you CAN correct the dog but it doesn't make sense to the dog as to why it was corrected.) Once they know how to do something, then you can use corrections when they don't do as they're requested.
  15. Pet. I own two and had four as pets before them. However, I have no problem with people raising them and eating them. Just don't expect me to.
  16. Yes, you can use Pam. I think "Musher's Secret" is good as well. http://www.botanicaldog.com/proddetail.php...3bc05ec70b49793 Haven't used it myself, but it was recommended by Risa's trainer.
  17. You're right, they do look similar. Shelters generally have no idea what type of breed a dog is. I've seen many dogs that were listed as mixes but were just 'uncommon' varieties of a well-known breed. Risa was listed as a Border collie mix although she really doesn't look much like a BC at all. She still might have some in her but I doubt it's her predominant breed.
  18. My dog loves hers too. She's up to carrying 8 lbs when we go for walks (she's 45 lbs). I got it online at Jeffer's Pet: http://jefferspet.com/ssc/ It's the Quick Release? Dog Backpack, and she just loves it. So do I cuz I don't have to carry all her crap anymore!
  19. The FCI lines are starting to get just as overexaggerated as the AKC showlines. It was roached backs (banana backs) in the 90s and it's heading towards extreme backend angulation now. The only 'pure' GSD to me is the workingline GSD. If I had to go showlines, I'd go FCI. At least these dogs have to prove themselves (to some extent) before being able to enter the beauty pageant. I remember watching an AKC show on TV a year or two back and hearing the announcers commenting on one of the Sporting dogs having a hunting title. *Dies of shock.* Really? Should this dog really be special for that? They ALL should have that title! I commend that owner/breeder for at least putting their dog through its job. And this all leads back to dogs should be bred to work. If you want a foofy couch-potato dog, there are plenty in the Toy group to choose from.
  20. The German shepherd has 3 main factions. There are the North American GSDs which you see in AKC events: There are the FCI/SV GSDs which are the black and reds (usually) that are shown the world over: Then there is the working GSD: The AKC GSD is probably the most watered-down GSD. The FCI dogs aren't as bad as they are required to get Schutzhund (tracking/OB/protection) titles in order to show and be bred. Although there is talk that some of these dogs don't deserve their titles (they're bought). The working GSD is the most true to what Capt. Stephanitz envisioned. Even within the working GSD there are divisions. You have DDR lines (from former East Germany), Czech dogs (from the Czech republic), West German working, etc. Plus, you can have dogs from a combination of these lines. I doubt any of the working dog you see are AKC showlines. They are likely FCI lines or FAR more likely to be working lines. Malis are often used instead of German shepherds because they tend to be higher drive and have less health problems. Unfortunately, due to popularity and poor breeding, the GSD is FULL of health problems. From CHD to EPI.
  21. A drunk guinea pig would be a sight.
  22. Well said, P.A. Wellheuser. You can be certain my next dog will be out of working lines. . .not ACK lines (I have a friend that inverts the acronym as well). I'm going to quote the founder of the German shepherd, Max v. Stephanitz since he said it best: "German Shepherd breeding is working dog breeding, or it is not German Shepherd breeding." I feel this should be held to no matter what the breed. They should all maintain the ability to do that which they were originally bred to do, whether their owners choose to participate in it or not. So many breeds are in a sad state of affairs nowadays. It is very very disappointing.
  23. I notice. But the average layperson probably doesn't.
  24. Although it's about terriers, this is a good read: http://www.terrierman.com/rosettestoruin.htm Someone linked to it on the GSD board I'm a member of. I'm also very glad to hear Kat's Dogs dislikes the Ambred German shepherds as well. They CAN'T run. The only gait they can do effectively (if you can call it that) is the flying trot. They're disgraceful in a walk or run. So sad.
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