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Hi all! i've been checking this forum for a few days now and as a new border collie owner I have found it extremely helpful. I've had my pup for 2 days now and everything is going great. He is well crate trained and im working on the housebreaking but he is doing really well. I've been a fan of the breed for a very long time and I used to attend agility and sheep dog trials just to watch them work. Now I finally have mine I'll be doing obedience and agility with him and may have him trained to work sheep with his dad, who is a great sheep dog. I'll post a picture of him as soon as I figure out how to get them off my digital camera.


Also, has anyone ever heard of a border working with Llamas or Alpaca? I work at a Llama ranch in California and if we used him there it could save a lot of time. Not to mention give me a great excuse for bringing him with me for the 4 hours I work there in the mornings. We have to try to catch them up ourselves and the pastures are huge.

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Welcome! Pups are fun, esp BC pups.


Re: llamas: I wouldn't try it if I were you - llamas are supposed to be prone to attacking dogs, one of the reasons some people use them as flock guardians. Since it sounds like these llamas haven't been worked by a dog, they're even more likely to react badly to one's presence.

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Yeah, when a dog goes by the property they do take notice and some will get noticably upset. Wishfull thinking on my part I guess. We've had dogs get past the fencing a couple times and the llamas usually just run from them but I've seen one of the big males actually chasing around a doberman and a chow that got in together once. My boss used to breed brittany spaniels before they started their ranch. I never asked why they stopped but that could be it.

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Hi BorderC

I have one llama as a guard for our sheep. He has been around dogs since about 10 months old. He will stay close to the flock when working them to keep an eye on the dogs.

He is very good at reading a dogs intent and responding in kind. I've seen him do the alert chortle for some, spit on a few, and try to stomp one. If the dogs intent is good, he seems to let them work.

I'm not sure what they'd do as a herd of llamas. A hard dog could probably manage to work them but it wouldn't be easy.

When he was young and one of the dogs was around 10 months or so, I would catch them playing together even the play bow on the pups part. Now both are to old to do that but they like each other. He loves my LGD's

I'm sure you could take your dog as a youngster and teach him to leave the llamas alone. Warning tho...llama poo is wonderful stuff to the dogs!



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