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All the talk about trials has given me the bug so I entered diamond S trial in marmoth ND. I have not been humbled in a couple of weeks so I am due. Is anyone else going? I think it would be fun to meet some of the people that post on the boards.



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Hey Thad,

I don't post on here very often but will be going to the trial. It's a good one! I haven't been to a trial in so long, I'm sure I'll get enough "humble pie" to last me a lifetime.


I can't wait to see my good friend Rene's new dog again. :rolleyes: She's sure fond of Stuart.


See ya there.

Laura Hicks

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Where did you see Stuart? I am going to meet Rene in person, which will be fun and it will be good to see stuart again. I am taking a young dog that is out of Cap which Joni used to own and Brians Queenie, he has never been trialed, so he will be on his maiden voyage. It will be a humbling experience I am sure.



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I have a Cap son who is breaking his maiden at a cow dog trial today. That will be humbling, I'm sure! He's nearly 21 months old and looks a lot like his sire.


I wish I was going to Diamond S but I think I'll save those travelin' miles for Sturgis if that trip works out. Sam, I know you'll be there too, by hook or by (shepherd's) crook :rolleyes:

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Thad, I saw Stuart this winter right after Rene got him. She ran him at the Black Hills Stock Show as well as a couple of arena trials in Wyoming in February. She really is thrilled with him!!


Cap is such a nice dog. I'll bet that's a nice young dog from that cross. I have a youngster out of my Nell and Joni's Spot who will be running at his first field trial. (I ran him at an arena trial in Feb.) He's a bit of a hot head, but SO much fun to work with.


Well, see you up there!

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Ugh, Yes I will be there, guess it is something like being pregnant, took me a whole year to get over last years adventure...is the Cap you speak of the one Alasdair used to own??? Boy I liked that dog if it is the same one. Off to a trial see you all next week!

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Hi Sam,


Yes, it is the Cap that Alasair imported and was third with in the 1999 Finals. His son is quite the butthead who had waaay too much fun with the calves today...but I must say I like the fire in his immature little belly :rolleyes:


Good luck at your upcoming trials!

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Hi Elizabeth,

I don't have the official results yet but can give you a little info.

The first go of Open had Tracy Derx and Jill first and Dodie Green and Abby second. The second go of Open, Dodie and Abby won it with Bev Lambert and Bill coming in second. I believe Tom Wilson and Pearl were third that day. I left before it was over but heard that Barbara Ray won first and second (not sure which dog in which place) in the third go. There were right around 65 dogs each go.

In the jackpot nursery class, the first go was Joni and Chip in first, myself and Kat in second, Bud Boudreau and Widge in third and Shannon Fritz and Kate in fourth. There were 18 dogs in the nursery. I haven't heard yet who placed in the Open ranch and the last go of the Nursery.

So, not much info yet at all, but a little I guess.

The first day, the wind was blowing about 40 mph straight into the open handler's face. It was pretty tough as the sheep blended into the sagebrush quite a little and with the wind, there was no way to help your dog out on finding their way out there.

Both fields were challenging but I for one had a blast up there! Sure missed seeing you there Elizabeth.



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Here are the official results from the Diamond S trial. Pictures from the trial will be posted on Joni's website ( www.SwankeRanch.com ) soon.


----Open First Trial - 67 Dogs 13.4 Points

June 1, 04,

1 Derx Tracy Jill

2 Green Dodie Abby

3 Gillings Dennis Jan

4 Wilson Tom Pearl

5 Ray Barbara Zip

6 Woodbury Jo Hooty

7 Tose Penny Jordan

8 Milliken Amanda Bart

9 Zoerb JoAnn Sam

10 Broadbent Kate Lad

11 Wilson Flo Cap

12 Douthwaite Brian San

13 Winter Stormy Roy

14 Lambert Bev Pippa



Open Second Trial 64 Dogs Ran, 12.8 Points

June 2, 04,

1 Green Dodie Abby

2 Lambert Bev Bill

3 Wilson Tom Pearl

4 Jobe Chris Abby

5 Mitts Ken Max

6 Wilson Tom Dot

7 Ray Barbara Queen

8 Broadbent Kate Rose

9 Ray Barbara Zip

10 Milliken Amanda Grace

11 Hicks Laura Zac

12 Zoerb JoAnn Sam

13 Woodbury Jo Taz



Open Third Trial 62 Dogs Ran, 12.4 Points

June 2, 04,


1 Ray Barbara Zip

2 Ray Barbara Queen

3 Zoerb Ian Peg

4 Lambert Bev Bill

5 Gillings Dennis Jan

6 Tose Penny Taylor

7 Derx Tracy Jill

8 Zoerb JoAnn Sam

9 Buckler Thad Jack

10 Woodbury Leo Tip

11 Douthwaite Brian Meg

12 Litton Gene Tri

13 Boudreau Bud Spark



Open Ranch Trial 26 Dogs Ran

June 4, 2004

1 Lambert Bev Maid

2 Fritz Shannon Jim

3 Ray Barbara Brit

4 Boudreau Bud Widge

5 Bradley Kelly Jess

6 Fritz Shannon Desa

7 Tose Penny Pat

8 Jobe Chris Ladi

9 Bunney Gerald Lady

10 Derx Tracy Rock

11 Swanke Joni Chip

12 Douthwaite Jan Nick

13 LaBree Rene Badger

14 Douthwaite Jan Queeni

15 Wilson Tom Sly



Diamond-S Nursery Qualifications:




June 1st 18 Dogs Ran


1st. Joni Swanki and Chip


2nd Laura Hicks and Kat


3rd Bud Boudreau and Jael


4th Shannon Fritz and Kate




June 2nd 23 Dogs Ran


1st Bev Lambert and Maid


2nd Dodi Green and Bob


3rd JoAnn Zoreb and Brook


4th Dodi Green and Ann


5th Shannon Fritz and Kate




June 3rd 19 Dogs Ran


1st Jobe Chris Ladi

2nd Green Dodi Ann

3rd Lambert Bev Maid

4th Green Dodi Bob




June 4th 19 Dogs Ran


1st Jobe Chris Ladi

2nd Green Dodi Ann

3rd Lambert Bev Maid

4th Green Dodi Bob

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