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  1. My vet isn't against surgery at all it's just his way of saying that when dogs are recovering from it don't forget that they have been through trauma. Treat them as such during recovery. I am using therapeutic ultrasound on him now as well. Twice a day along with the flexibility exercises. He seems better today than he did yesterday. He seemed more sore yesterday than Friday which I would guess normal as I'm usually the same way after a visit to the chiropractor. Thanks.
  2. Thanks everyone! We'll keep a close eye on him and if this isn't working we'll explore the surgery route. Would be nice if he didn't have to go through that though! My vet always says surgery is basically controlled trauma.
  3. Thought I would give everyone an update on Jag. I took him to WY yesterday and had a chiropractor/massage therapist work on him. She found a spot right between his shoulder blades where he was completely out. She was able to get it back in with some work. He was so sore there that he would fall over on his side if we touched right on that spot after she worked on it. Within 30 minutes or so though he was starting to put weight on the left leg again. It's going to take some time to get the muscle to build back up in his shoulder but as long as we can keep it from popping back out he shoul
  4. Thanks Sue. Was Celt able to put much weight on it once he "warmed up"? Jag has been on Rimadyl for over 3 weeks now. I have taken him off a couple of times and didn't see much of a difference in him but my vet felt it would help him anyway. Now that he's on Adequan I'm cutting the dosage way down. He is putting a little weight on it now which is an improvement but still carries it up and out the side a bit if he's going faster than a walk. It's just hard not knowing if we're headed in the right direction with him or not.
  5. How long after tick season would signs of TBD show up? We had one of the coolest summer's on record and only had ticks for the month of June and he was on Frontline. Is it a blood test? Nancy, what made you decide to try surgery on both dogs? Did the xrays show any bone chips in the joint? Laura, can you email me some suggestions for chiro's as I'm not finding anyone up here. Thanks! lmhicks@gwtc.net We got the report back from Kansas State University on the xrays. They saw just what my vet did. Some extra bone growth on the back of the humeral head of the left shoulder (ba
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm going to start him on Adequan today as it can't really do any harm and will most likely do him some good at least somewhere in his body. I live in a very rural area and don't know anyone that does dog sports to ask about a Chiropractor. I tried to google one for Rapid City (our closest big city) and have had no luck. Any suggestions? I'm sure I can find one in Denver but that's 6 hours away and would be tough to get there very regular. I'll look though as it may be the only option for my area. Thanks, Laura
  7. Hello everyone. I have a 7 year old male that has become very lame in the last month. Grade 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. It has progressively gotten worse since Christmas. He was helping move some calves from one pen to another and went to jump a feedbunk (from on top of a snowdrift) and pile drove into it. It wasn't a pretty sight. He seemed fine almost immediately though. The only thing I could find was a split toe nail. There was some redness with that for a few days so I put him on antibiotics. That got better. Within about a week and a half of hitting the feedbunk he went from a slig
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