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Blame for Cancer?


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A friend of mine for over 10 yrs. called me today. A 6 y.o. LGD bitch of hers lost the battle with lymphoma, but not after a great deal of expense and a year or so of fighting the disease tooth & nail. She was a great dog and my friend, her owner, is too brokenhearted to talk about it right now. This was her favorite dog.

BTW, littermates to this last dog that died are doing well. Sire & dam died of non-cancer-related causes, old age & were not owned by my friend.


This friend has had mostly LGD's, but also Rotties & GSD's as well. She has a large kennel, perhaps about 20 dogs at a time.


In the years I've known her, most of her dogs have died of cancer. Different bloodlines, different breeds, & a cat as well. Some died of other causes, a few died well into old age, but IMO, a disproportionate number have died young, i.e., under 10 yrs. of various cancers--heart tumors, a some from osteosarcoma, squamous cell, a couple more, with todays death, of lymphoma, & lupus as well. She become quite an authority on cancer & cancer treatment & has spent thousands of $$$$ for treatments.


It's been in the back of my mind for quite a while that it might have something to do with the fact that she's lived within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant for all of these years. It makes me want to look into the human statistics in that area.


Does this theory sound way off base?





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What an awful story. My heart goes out to this person...but you do seem to have a reasonable idea! There are just so many unknowns about cancer....is it the power plant, the water, the food they eat, the electrical magnetic field (or whatever it is that folks worry about) or the air they breathe?


If I were this person, I'd be seriously looking at (1) moving and/or (2) seeking out more info about human cancers. Is there a university around that might be interested in pursuing the fact-finding part of this?!



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With all the regulation on nuclear power these days I'd be surprised if the cancers were caused by the plant, especially if it was built in the last 25 years. I'd be more concerned about old dumping sites in the area, from previous industry (chemical firms, electrical manufacturing, battery manufacturing, metal plating, dye use or manufacturing, etc) or even farms. I'd be thinking about low levels of carcinogens in the water providing a source of long term exposure or possibly radon.



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I have to agree with Mark. While I would not completely reject any idea, there are lot more likely possibilities. The big concern with nuclear power plants is catastrophic failures which disperse radioactive material acrossed an area. As Mark said, farms or industry from earlier times or even natural sources (e.g. radon) are more likely causes.


However, who really knows. Let us know when the movie comes out.

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