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  1. I have used the infrared "cold laser" for over 20 years, on myself and on the animals. We have some convenient portable little devices. (made by a personal ccontact) Dr Lorne McKibbon introduced this to us when he was treating race horses successfully. The laser will help in healing damages, as well as remove some excess fluid pressure. Growth of new tissues is also stimulated. There is a lot of literature, but I have been lucky to see myself and the animals have the help.
  2. I had a 4year old returned because the owner was moving. Her chance for a nice home came up, but I could not get the 1 1/2 year old rabies certificate. So I took her in for her rabies vaccination. A week later, she became weak, ate very little, so I made a vet appointment for the next morning. I had to carry her from the house and the vet carried her into the clinic. He checked, and concluded she had AIHA. Might be from the rabies shot - at another clinic. We had to euthanize. I hate having to do rabies ever since. Scares me. I think this autoimmune stuff can be stimulated by many challenges. Best of wishes to Belle. My bel is soon to be 14, and still like helping with the sheep.
  3. I am thinking it might be a good idea to build a pen outside for the dog = beats fencing the whole yard. Then that space could be a safe location for potty breaks in a safe enclosure. You could remain in sight, just to give support and encourage relaxation.
  4. I`m keen on some of these ideas. I have made plain felt, cut to shape, and sewed mits. I`m interested in how to make that felt jacket, or even a vest. I`m getting too lazy to spin and knit.
  5. Tjhere are 9 dogs in the house. There are 3 crates for them to choose. None are closed in the crates unless there is a problem. No problem. Company doesn`t like this?... they can go elsewhere.
  6. Years ago a vet advised us to use sheep drench. His formula was double the dog`s weight, divide by 100 to calculate the dosage. So a 20 pound dog would get 0.4 cc and a 50 pound dog would get 1 cc. We have used sheep drench on collies as well as border collies and shelties and shepherds. Never a problem.
  7. Diatomaceous Earth can be purchased at swimming pool supplies. It is used in pool filters, and is cheaper with the larger bags. It does not dissolve away, so will be able to work in wet weather. It is the diatom "sheel" from ocean critters, and acts like super fine ground glass. You don`t want to get it in your eyes/lungs when you are spreading it around. It scratches the outer parts of small bugs, and causes them to dehydrate and die. I have put it into the hair of dogs, but not cats. It can also be sprinkled along the backs of the sheep for their skin parasite problems. It is non chemical, just physical in helping eliminate little pests. I`ve heard of feeding it to farm animals, but very few intestinal parasites will be destroyed.
  8. The main problem is that rabies is a virus, and will not be touched by any antibiotic. I have used dog meds for myself. No problem.
  9. When I needed to have a safe feeding corral area for the sheep, I put up a 5 strand electric fence. I`m always curious as to why this would not work for keeping the dogs in. My dogs were kept out from the sheep feed area, and the 3 different rottweilers who wandered around (unwanted) never got into the area. One did get killed on the road, and another one disappeared. I think an above ground electric fence with several strands would keep other bothersome animals out, as well as keeping your own pets in and safe. There is also less chance of a sudden rush of enthusiasm that makes the "invisible" fencing something that is worth avoiding.
  10. I`d like to come over for the day with my ATV and my 2 tracking dogs. Just too far, but I bet we could find useful info. Can you get a snow machine or 4wheeler? Guess we`ll all help with good hopeful thoughts.
  11. My barn area is full of rabbits, and there are fresh droppings every morning. The dogs snack on them, but have never had the vaccinations for lepto. How sick do they usually get if it is not serious? Of course one caught a rat this morning. They just "own" them, but don`t seem to eat them.
  12. My mind just popped out with this idea - poisonous snake bite????
  13. I have 2 sisters that had similar conditions. The worst one was tested for allergies (using the pulse taking method) The worst 2 reactions were corn and canola oil. I have put them on a food without these, and still use the tested natural foods. She is 90% and has no more skin problems.
  14. Does anyone ever use rotenone powder for all the skin bugs? I have used it in the past for ONE flea infestation of my property, for a horse with lice that I got at an auction, and for 2 saparate cases of demodex. It is external, does not get into the organs to cause allergies etc, and the powder can stay on the bedding for further insurance. It is natural ground derris roots, and no chemical reactions seem to occur. I have used this on the first sheep I ever had - they had keds. I have even put it under cushions to help prevent a problem. PS that horse lasted til she was 34 years old. A great endurance rider and protector of the sheep.
  15. This seems to come and go, sometimes barely noticeable but other times he's obviously having trouble walking on the foot/leg, usually after lying down for a while. Sounds like pain, mayber a pinched nerve anywhere up to the spine. Can you feel any heat anywhere on the leg? That could indicate damage and inflamation. Try light squeezing massage very slowly up and down, all over the leg to the spine. Any tender areas should give you a sign. Pain is tiring and irritating for the dogs, but they tolerate it better that we do.
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