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New Dog (sort of)

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On 2/7/2023 at 4:55 PM, beachdogz said:

Well, what can you do when someone shows up at your doorstep with a Border Collie for you.....



I am a bit late to post to this thread, but ...

My better half discovered that breed variant after a family member in an intense grad program and living solo in a downtown apt on the other side of the country called me one night last Sept and said "talk me down, I've got appts tomorrow to see two dogs available for adoption."

So far, so good.  Definitely an "easy keeper".  Very popular w/ guests as a therapy dog !

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I've calculated the pros and cons of our new addition:

Pros:   Eats nothing;  $0 for food

            Very little grooming (except taking cookies out of hair left by my granddaughter's hugging) but no toenails!

            No Vet bills

            Excellent obedience on sit and stay

Cons:   No kisses

             No Border Collie hugs

             Lousy agility dog

             Did I mention no hugs or kisses?

I have a granddaughter who will move this dog around the house.  Care to guess how many times I've entered a room and at a glance talked to it thinking it was one of my dogs?   :lol:



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Oh, I can acknowledge the lifelike resemblance.

The first awareness and glimpse of these pups for me was a thumbnail image of one seated beside the aspiring grad student several floors above ground in a downtown apt bldg half a continent away from me.

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