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Leaving dogs while on vacation

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My human family and I are set to go on two separate vacations this summer (after one got postponed from last summer due to flooding and the other being a post pandemic vacation). We have two border collies, a 13 year old and a 1 year old. Previously, we have left our old guy with my in-laws on their farm over the years and it has always been successful. We are planning to leave both of them there while we go away.

This will be the first time that we leave our young guy overnight. And I'm sure he is going to be confused: he is very affectionate and bonded to us. I am wondering how much it will help our young dog that his "brother" is there and super chill about the whole thing. Do they take cues from one another? We have visited the farm a few times and they will sleep in the same room that we do when we visit, although without us obviously. 

I'd love to do whatever I can to make the situation as smooth as possible so I'd appreciate any advice you might have.

Thank you.

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We are in the exact same situation right now.  Packing to leave tomorrow.  In the past, our older dogs went to my son's house.  This will be new to the puppies.  We did what Ruth said.  Last week we did a short run-through, taking them to my son's house.  

We have never left before, and so packing should not mean a thing to them.  However, I swear, they are definitely in the "something's up" mode as I pack! 

I totally think that they take cues from "older siblings" so it will probably a little easier on your pup with his "older brother" there.   

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In my experience, dogs usually will take cues from other dogs, and in this case I have no doubt that your young dog will be greatly helped by the older dog's chill attitude. Leaving them both there overnight a couple of times ahead of time will probably help as well.

I have fostered dogs a lot, and it is always very interesting to me how the new and very confused foster dogs so often take cues from the resident dogs. It seems they settle down far more quickly because, hey, these dogs are here and they are happy, so this place must be all right. They also learn their rules and manners much faster because the other dogs are doing them.

Usually the younger dog in a situation like yours "looks up" to the older dog, and it will help a lot that he is there.

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