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Even though Molly has loads of beds to choose from, somehow she ends up in the smallest that barely fit her.

Some were bought for the cat (in vain, the cat doesn’t want them) but most are the beds for my mother’s Jack Russell terrier who is the Big Dog in the house, so naturally she only sleeps in the bigger beds meant for Molly and  Mus (Molly’s mum).

Molly doesn’t seem to mind though. Might be nice and snug, or it might be she gets lots of laughs and cuddles and pictures when she does it again.

Smart dog.







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My beautiful dog Kit was a curl-up dog. I was amazed at what a tiny little ball she could get her whole body into. She was 45 pounds and somewhat tall and long-legged, and could manage to fit her body into spaces that you'd think wouldn't hold her.

It's one reason I kept her when she first came to me as a dog desperate to find a home. The first night I shut her in the kitchen and she set up such a mournful wailing I let her into the room I was sleeping in. She immediately jumped on the bed, went to a corner of the foot of the bed, and rolled herself up so tight that I could tell she was making herself small so as to be out of the way and not be asked to leave the bed. In pretty short order, I knew she was never going to be asked to leave, period.  :)

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