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13 week old Duddley update and photo

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Hi All, I have figured out how to upload photo's from my phone so here he is. 13 weeks old tomorrow and doing really well. Has basic commands like sit, down and wait, although down needs some work haha. Started to use a clicker to reinforce positive behaviour and seems to work good apart from during crazy hour. Usually around 9pm he has a rush of energy and wants to run and play like crazy. I just let him really as it tires him out before bed time and he does need to be a puppy. Hope you like the photo's. Brian



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Very cute!

No, don't bother trying to train or enforce much during crazy hour at this stage. His puppy brain isn't receptive to learning right now at that time and he probably needs to burn off some energy so he (and you) can have a good night's sleep.

He'll grow out of it . . . as long as you don't actually encourage it. ;)

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Thanks everyone. Jami74 I have just started on lead training with mixed results. Will do fine for a very short period but then usually flops down and refuses to move or starts playing with the lead. I guess I have reached the end of his attention span and calmly remove the lead and move on. I think it will all come good in time and not much point in pushing him too far. Brian

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Yes, my lad Jack, now 17 weeks old, get's the O, be joyfulls usually early evening.  A whirling dervish, dancing and prancing, racing at top speed out of one patio door, along the patio, in the dining room.  Race track.  Goes quite crazy.  Lasts about 45 minutes.  Old dog and I just hunker down until it passes.

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