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Little milestone for us

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Awww. Kinda bittersweet.


Bodhi's at least 12 now (don't actually know as he was a stray I adopted thru rescue) and I'm starting to see little things too. He's still working as a very busy therapy dog, but I see him tiring more easily now and disengaging much sooner than he used to. And he actually fell asleep at the school for a few minutes one day when one of the kids was reading to him and the next week again for a few minutes when he was in one of the hospice patient's bed.


Cherish Gibbs, Ruth, as I know you do and will. These are some of the most wonderful of our times together with them.

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I love my older boy too. He was my gateway drug to the wonderful world of border collies.


Even though we don't train agility as much as before, he still loves it and lights up, prances and woo-woos when he knows he is going to do a few agility obstacles. He is 10 1/2 years old.


On a whim, I entered him in an agility trial last month. No worries. He was entered in a class with lowered jumps, only one set of weaves and a couple of tunnels. He was just so excited.


It was awesome. Like slipping into a favorite pair of old slippers. Such a smooth run. He can read my mind. And the old guy still has some speed. He came in 6th or 7th in a hugely competitive class of about 40 dogs - several were dogs and handlers that have made a world team.


He deserves all the naps he wants.

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Gibbs LOVES agility. Our trainer has a huge soft spot for him, it's almost embarrassing. Like your boy, he jumps over the lowest height, etc.


Scenting is a lot of fun for both of us. Same trainer, so he gets a bit of special attention there, too. He's still got some oomph left!


Ruth & Gibbs

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Aww! Its tough watching them get older but its also comfortable to have that old soul partner.


Kenzi is only 9 but has really aged in the past year with injuries, surgery, recovery. I pulled her from SAR of course and limited most other activities (lots of off leash around the farm time though). I played a little disc with her the other day and she was sooo happy afterwards. I need to do more brain stuff with her

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I hear you, Ruth. My good Nick will be 10 years old the 2nd of May. I see him slowing down, pacing himself, pausing to grin while the younger dogs tear around like crazy things. I'm retiring him from sheepdog trialing very soon - one, maybe two more trial runs, and that will be it. He'll still work at whatever he wants, but our days of walking to the post together are soon ended.

I'm glad he still has his sense of humor, though, still gallumphs around with his big jolly ball while I work in the yard, or carries not one but TWO toys with him to his breakfast. And we're going to get back to hiking when we can later this spring. Cherishing every day, that's what it's all about. :wub:

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I know this feeling well.

Kit doesn't hear me any more at all; even to wake her up to go outside I have to touch her. In order to get her to come in, she has to be able to see me.


But the wonderful thing is she is still my Kit. Still as loving as ever. Still initiates play with the other dogs, still wants very much to play tug with me and loves it just as much as ever.

She is like Jester, who still loved fetch as much as he ever did, even when he could only go a few feet to get it.


These dogs have such heart.

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