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Using a cone as a tool

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Sunday morning, poor Senneca got a crack (cut?) in her pad and limped the last stretch of our morning walk. It didn't seem so bad, so I didn't do anything about it after lunch when I saw she was bleeding and leaving pools of blood where she walked. By then she had licked/gnawed the slight cut into a nasty sore.


Out came the first aid kit and quickly her paw was neatly dressed. Some hour later I discovered she had ripped off the vet wrap (she has a long history of hating anything on her paw). Out with the first aid kit again and on with a cone to prevent her messing with it.


Then I come back home to see her without the dressing again. She has used the cone as a tool to rip off her dressing:




[ Added: her wound is healing -- without the dressing -- and, of course she is grounded until it is healed up enough. ]

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Clever dog.


You might want to look into one of those inflatable neck rings to replace the cone. So much more comfortable for the dog and I doubt it could be used as a tool. :rolleyes:


That said, it's possible it might not be as effective for preventing a determined dog from reaching her feet . . . but then the cone didn't work for that either. ;)

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