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Bad Dog: I cooked a frozen pizza the other night, took a couple of pieces for dinner and left the rest to cool on the kitchen counter. I ate in the living room (bad habit, bad Liz) and could hear Quinn checking things out in the kitchen. I called to him to get out of there and he came and lay by me. When I went to wrap up the remaining pieces, one of them was laying half in the water bowl. So either he lost his nerve when he heard me call him or he decided the pizza wasnt as edible as it first appeared.


Sweet Dog: The next day at the dog friendly office, I was talking to an employee about a complaint I received. She started crying. Quinn immediately jumped up on the love seat next to the employee, putting his paw on her shoulder and licking her tears. My Lhasa Chili also came out and was so sweet with her. You could tell that they were very concerned about this person they liked. It was very darling and also helped her move off her emotional reaction and have a discussion with me.


What the heck, Dog: Neither Quinn or Chili come up to me and act upset when I cry. What is with that? They notice of course, but they dont do much besides look at me. I dont think I cry very often. But somehow, I must have given them the message to leave me alone. Huh.

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The tear licking thing reminds of a story

A friend of mine was home alone.

Just as he is going to start to re heat his supper

Bam he gets a pain in his side like nothing he has every felt

he collapses to the floor he said all the dogs He has 5 boarder collies

start to "help him"

Face and ear wash

Pulling on his clothes

nudging with there nose

He said he was in so much pain

If the dogs had tried to eat him he would have been powerless to defend himself

His wife comes home finds him on the floor

She said the look the dogs gave her was "we are so glad to see you"

"We have kept the patient comfortable vital signs are good"

Turned out to be a Kidney stone

he said when he came home the dogs were all acting different then there normal greeting

Till he picked up a tennis ball then everything returned to normal

Dan & Tilly

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Aww, what a cute, neat story Dan. They really do want to help, but some things are beyond even a smart Border Collie. I taught Quinn to bring me the phone when he was young but eventually I phased out that trick. He was too rough with the phone and used it for his own means, such as dropping it with a loud clatter to startle the Lhasa off my lap. He also made a couple phone calls at work with the hair trigger buttons, LOL.

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My dog used to be able to bring my medicine to me, and tissues. Hey, if you're stuck in bed and sick anyway, and can't walk them...

Very impressive! Quinn is a bit rough with paper products. He excels in tasks like taking pop cans to the recycle bin, picking up dropped keys or pens, putting away toys, taking clothes to the laundry drop. But fragile paper is a disaster with him.

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Once when I only had the two border collies I was outside throwing a frisbie for them when I suddenly felt faint and ended up crawling back into the house and passing out on the living room floor. When I came to, one dog was on one side of me, the other on the other side, staring with concern into my face. The front door was open - they could have gone walkabout - but they stayed by me. I liked that. Even if they only hung by me in the hopes that I would resume the frisbee throwing, I like it.

And My terrier, Digger, and Boo, my little white fluffy dog, always come to comfort me whenever I am obviously sad. I don't know if they are really trying to comfort me or if their thinking is going along other lines inscrutable to a human being, but it *feels* like comforting, so I will just run with that. :)

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When I came to, one dog was on one side of me, the other on the other side, staring with concern into my face. The front door was open - they could have gone walkabout - but they stayed by me. I liked that. Even if they only hung by me in the hopes that I would resume the frisbee throwing, I like it.




Upon reflection, I realized that my Sheltie was Comforter in Chief around the house. She would cuddle with me, looking very sad and concerned if I ever cried. Since they were both raised with her, perhaps Quinn and Chili just figured that she had it handled and no need for them to get involved.

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I really do wonder what animals read from us crying. Do they read it as sick? Punished?


One of my cats very definitely knows conventional "sick" and will come and attend the person by becoming careful, purry velcro. She can always smell when the OH has had chemo, even before symptoms hit (or maybe she associates hospital smell with sickness? No idea), and will gently sit and touch him all day long. However if one of us is upset, or crying (or in my case having an anxiety attack), she will come, give a look up and down and leave. "You're not really sick, you're just noisy."


I could have a board and nail sticking out of my skull and the other cat wouldn't notice, but if I start crying or am having an anxiety attack, he is compelled to run from elsewhere in the house and comfort me (with what he thinks are helpful methods).

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If I get upset or cry both my girls get very uncomfortable. I get a disdainful look as if to say "we'll be in the other room while you pull yourself together". But if I'm sick, Georgia is my nurse maid, utterly devoted. Texas is always near, whether I'm happy or sad...unless someone has peanut butter. In which case he'll be back shortly.

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When I had my open heart surgery and almost didn't make it, Tess was at home, She laid in her dog bed and refused to be social and was very mopey during then entire time I was in the hospital. Kathy came up with Jill (Tess's best friend) and usually Tess goes crazy when she arrives. She looked at her from the bed, then dropped her head and moped. Nothing could entice her from her sad state. It got to be quite worrisome and we wondered if she was ill.


When I came home, she leapt out of her bed and ran to me. Everyone thought she would jump on me but as she got near me, she quietly walked next to me. She laid next to me on the couch and was the nurse dog for the next seven months, licking the tears from my face. She would eat or go potty then run to get next to me. She was my buddy and it gave me great comfort. I was like a puppy to her and she would check me over and lick me clean. Even though I would take a shower, she decided I need to be cleaner. It was amazing the devotion she had and how she took care of me. It was touch and go for a long time if I would make it but I knew that I was going to live when one day, she sniffed me over then went outside to play.


Now, with my recent surgery Maid is my nurse dog. She hovers over me and makes sure I have a warm body to snuggle with. It's sure amazing how these dog adapt to the situations. Nan's role when I am sick is the house guard dog. She has the welcome bark and the "unwelcome bark" which is quite scary.


Some of the dogs or cats seem to take on a nurse role while others do other type of roles. It's quite interesting.

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Dear Doggers,


My friend took Danny, one of my pups until the docs discovered the cancer and Danny came back to us. Danny was an awkward, goofy 2 year old when we returned to say goodbye. My friend lay in his living room in a hospital bed, oxygen tubes and IV's dangling everywhere. When my friend patted the bed, asking Danny to come up, I worried. Danny tiptoed through the tubes, delicate as a cat until my friend could hug him and receive a dog kiss. Then Danny tiptoed, walking backward as he'd never done in his life until he was able to jump down. Goodbye.


Donald McCaig

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My bad dog recently stole a lot of food- she's not allowed basically anything, she has pancreatitis and digestive upsets that are set off by random stuff.


So there was chicken, potatoes, and bacon on the table. What did she steal? Steamed kale, a full bowl. Bad dog, what the heck dog?


Like people, I think some of the most unlikely dogs can be sickroom savvy. And then you have the dogs and people who just, well, aren't. And don't realise it. "I will go help the sick person! The sick person needs a tennis ball dropped on their head repeatedly!"

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You read some of the stories of the dogs and other animals when they comfort people in need and it is so amazing. They don't care about your social status, looks, weight, or anything like that but just you are hurting and need some love.


And that's one of the reasons we love them so much. :)

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