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  1. We have a spot on the farm it is in a little valley it is sheltered on all sides and a very pretty spot often thought I want my ashes scattered there all our farm dogs and a few friends dogs are buried there . I figure most of them have enjoyed themselves there while alive good spot for there final rest. Dan & Tilly
  2. I loved the description of "Quinn being all impulse and having the attention span of a strobe light" best way to describe a young pup. I also enjoyed Liz P's post on using an older dog for socialization. Thanks for Posting that Liz P
  3. None of my dogs chase chickens in front of me but will blaze through them if unsupervised. If Tilly gets lose on her own somebody is getting chased some where. As for the eating of Poop. Tilly told me it is full of "Vitaminnies" Dan & Tilly
  4. The one thing I would be worried about would be if you hit your own hand when the sheep start jerking there hooves around. It would be interesting to see them demonstrated and get to try them.
  5. I was surprised myself how many dog foods have chicken. I can't give Tilly chicken or she has an allergic reaction. I was thinking of trying her on a Raw Food which is being made locally but it does not come without chicken. The only foods she has done well on were Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice or Kirkland Brand Lamb and Rice. I tried her on Salmon and Rice she would not eat it. I feel for you it is very frustrating. Dan & Tilly
  6. I had an experience with Tilly and a child that could have ended very badly. We were in the line up to pay for our order at feed store. A child about 5 or 6 came over to Tilly, mother was busy smelling scented candles. I watched Tilly as we don't see very many small kids. She kind of perked her ears and her tail was wagging. The kid kept coming I told Tilly "Easy" which is what she gets around bottle lambs, Kittens and any thing else she tries to "play" with. I told him to stop I kept a tight hold on here leash. I told him to reach his hand out and let her smell it. She sniffed and seeme
  7. The tear licking thing reminds of a story A friend of mine was home alone. Just as he is going to start to re heat his supper Bam he gets a pain in his side like nothing he has every felt he collapses to the floor he said all the dogs He has 5 boarder collies start to "help him" Face and ear wash Pulling on his clothes nudging with there nose He said he was in so much pain If the dogs had tried to eat him he would have been powerless to defend himself His wife comes home finds him on the floor She said the look the dogs gave her was "we are so glad to see you" "We have kept the pa
  8. I really like Don's idea I have had problems with Tilly and have never been able to catch her at it the Tin Can Idea sounds like it is my best option. Thanks for posting it Don Dan & Tilly
  9. No one could ask for a better tribute then to be remembered with fond memories being passed on Dan & Tilly
  10. Days are getting shorter

  11. The handling unit tilt table worked well saved a lot of back ache and cursing If I was to buy one again I would choose one with a floor that tilts with table I had issues with ewes trying to put there heads down and under while being lowered also you must watch the back legs don't get caught the other thing is you do have to help at least with mine I am not sure if my table does not tilt back enough or it was just me but I found if the ewe started to kick it would drop back into starting postion I also want to build a small holder for side with spot for hoof clean tool, small soft bottl
  12. My friend is a Machinest I asked him to make me a pronged c shaped piece to slide in and out as a safety pin for head gate If it is dry on sat I am going to try the tilt table and do some trimming. Has anyone else seen the foot bath on youtube were the floor raises up when the sheep are in then drops away so you can avoid all they mess and loss of medication while moving the sheep in and out
  13. I really Like Mark's comment very good description Dan & Tilly
  14. Thanks Mine just has a handle to rotate I was already looking at the crank system on the sydell How long do the sheep thrash for normally was thinking of doing vaccine at same time I also found out that head gate will release if ewe jumps up and hits it the right way I had a ewe in head gate that had not been sheared yet I shear my sheep standing up because of my back I got about 3 strips down her back and she jumped and popped the head gate open. She looked interesting till I caught her again Dan & Tilly
  15. Thank you for the congrats I was proud of her she really worked hard to get in Tried to quote cmp bbut wont work
  16. I have they same problem I want to build a series of pens were I can hold about 20 at a time I have 125 ewes right now We used to catch them all by hand and tip for hoof trimming, Worming ect now I just have to give the tilt table a try it is used have not tried it yet any tips? Smalahundur Before we separated out the lambs and ewes which were sold there was over 200 hundred made life so much easier worth every penny
  17. Well my right hand man(daughter) went and got herself into university. This meant some changes as to how we had been doing things. I bought a Marweld sheep handling unit(crowding tub ect.) and sorter. When it arrived there were no instructions for assembly. so we dragged everything off the skids it had arrived on and proceeded to try and figure out the way it should go together 1 hour and a can of deep woods off later we had it together we then realised we had set it up the wrong way. The next morning dis assembled and reassembled the unit in proper location. It works very well but there is
  18. I had an experience with Tilly when she was a pup She was refusing to come off the front porch When I finally gave up and started to go back in house a coyote howled very close an hour later she was fine it had to be the coyote she sensed Maybe it was not the wet ground but something else Dan & Tillly
  19. Age has nothing to do with Joint replacement i was 29 when it had to be done some as young as 20 have had to have it Hope you are recovering well Dan & Tilly
  20. If it is bottle jaw the sooner you deal with it the better I find the best way to see "bottle jaw" is to look at them first thing in the morning Then check again around noon it should be more prounced as they graze
  21. Look Back Command And Direction During the double lift at Grass Creek One of the dogs was trying to go come bye instead of away to the sheep for second group fetch. The handler would say look back dog would. Then it wanted to go Come bye as that is the way the sheep were the first time. Handler would stop it with the lie down and start process again the Dog was getting confused it seemed. The Handler I was beside made the suggestion to me that the points were already lost because the dog had crossed over it would have been better to let the dog complete the fetch instead of rep
  22. I have had both my hips replaced and the recovery was not to bad the dogs seem to know that I was not feeling to good an took it in stride. The biggest hurdle I faced was the crutches I used a wheeled walker instead. I only used crutches for stairs. Wishing You Good Luck and A Speedy Recovery Dan & Tilly
  23. The other thing about driving the sheep was watching the dog setup at different angles to move the sheep in a straight line. How he setup behind the flock changed as the different ewes switched there location in the flock He seemed to be calculating the spot to apply pressure at all times. I know for a fact it was not the handler keeping the sheep going straight it was the dog There is something so interesting about watching the dog. I had been reading a lot about sheepdogs their handlers ect It seems to me working at a distance it is really the dog that makes the difference Up c
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