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I had a 3 leg lgd. She was not bothered at all after the whole thing healed. If you didn't look close you'd of never known. By the picture it looks as if it was taken below the knee (?)joint? God bless the people who are helping him. And God bless Trooper.

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I was trolling through old posts I made and this one came up.. what ever happened to this guy?




It might be worth contacting JohnLloydJones (or "nancy in AZ", another AZBCR affiliated forum user) through pm to get an update on Trooper. *I could be wrong* but JohnLloydJones seems like he's not active daily on these forums. If he only checks in once a week or a couple times a month he might miss the topic being bumped up.


If you do contact them and get an update on how things worked out for Trooper, let us know!

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