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  1. wow. it seems like you guys feed your dogs a lot of bones, that or you have a lot of dogs.
  2. Nancy- yes I live in Raleigh, so I know all about thunderstorms and I live 5 mins from the NC State fairgrounds so...yeah... ok thanks for the advice guys. I will see if I can find a way for her to not be as afraid. I have tried playing ball or such with her and using treats to distract her, but so far didnt have success. I'll see if I can figure something out.
  3. I have a Thundershirt for my BC and I think it helps some, but I can only use it when I am home and a storm comes up. She is also terrified of fireworks and gun shots. Has anyone had any luck with trying to get a dog used to sounds to desensitize them? I tried playing a video of sounds of thunder, but my dog didn't react to it. We are moving to Florida in a week and I know it rains a lot there (not sure how often it thunders....) and I would like for my dog to be less stressed when a thunderstorm comes up and I am at work.
  4. ^where do you get these bones from? The pet stores I have been to only have the necks and then beef and sheep femur bones.
  5. I can't remember what the last bones were I bought before this pack, but currently I have a 2 pack of lamb femur bones in my freezer. I looked at the chicken necks at the pet store, but just couldn't buy them because of the look. ;-)
  6. Hi. I'm sitting at the vet right now with my dogs and mentioned I give them raw bones sometimes. The vet began telling me how unsafe it was and how dogs almost always break a tooth. Is this true from yalls experience? It wasn't until recently I started giving my dog raw bones and that was because I asked a pet store (not Petsmart or petco) and they said raw bones would be good for cleaning their teeth. I thought a lot of ppl on here gave their dogs raw bones. Maybe I am wrong? I was buying ones that had less marrow on them. Would you guys recommend raw bones or not? Ps thanks in advance!
  7. I know her front arm "pops" sometimes. Maybe that's normal tho?
  8. I just feel like her butt wiggles weird. Very different than my Aussie mix.
  9. I have always wondered if my dog needs to see a chiropractor. I got her when she was almost 3. She is almost 5 now. Thoughts? I feel like she walks weird she greets me wow it was really hard to get the video small enough size to upload...anyways..here it is IMG_6132.mov
  10. of course I already gave her the first part of the vaccine before this article......
  11. I should clarify that normally I don't like dog parks. I am picky about which ones are ok and I'm also picky about daycares/boarding. But due to some changes, we will be going to the dog park more. We visited this dog park down there and everything went fine and ppl were watching their dogs and cleaning up after them, so so far seems good.
  12. Where do you live kingfisher7151? What state? Curious as to what area things are going around in
  13. Ok thanks guys. I appreciate all the input . I decided to get her vaccinated due to the fact that we will be at the dog park and I'm sure this move will be stressful on both of us. She gets bordatella shots bc she has occasionally been to daycare and/or boarding.
  14. Hi. What are you guys' thoughts on getting the vaccination for the canine flu? I know there is a huge outbreak in Chicago and they are expecting it to spread. I am planning on taking my BC to a dog event this weekend, and am moving in a couple months to Florida and will be taking her to a 5 acre dog park down there. Do you think she needs the vaccination for it? Trying to decide....
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