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Iron Stone Border Collies?

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I can't access Facebook from work, so your link doesn't tell me anything. However, when I Googled Iron Stone Border Collies, I see a bunch listed on Puppyfind.com. That tells me all I need to know. I would not purchase a dog from someone who sells puppies like that.

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I personally don't how how good Border Collie puppy would taste. Fish, lamb and beef are my favorites.


Anyway, I haven't heard of them but based on their banner on the FB page saying 'Agility, Flyball, Working & More', I would not be interested in them. Furthermore, they register with the AKC and the description says their dogs have been trained in obedience, agility, flyball, and have 'started herding', whatever that means exactly. They say they 'try' to keep herding instinct in their puppies.

They listed six 6-week-old puppies on puppyfind, so it appears they are breeding without having homes set up/anyone interested in their puppies, which isn't inherently bad, but I wouldn't like to go to a breeder that sold puppies on external websites. I suppose it also depends on what kind of breeder you're trying to find.

If you haven't, I suggest you read the 'Read This First' post at the top of the board.
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Hi and welcome to the boards!


Please be sure to read the "Read this First" sticky at the top of the page so that you understand the philoshpy that this board holds. Here is a link for your convenience:




I agree with what Oko said. This is not a breeder that I would buy a puppy from or refer a freind to.

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Please be advised that you are requesting advice on a board that promotes the preservation of working border collies (stockdogs), not sport dogs.


While stockdog border collies can and do excel at dog sports they are not mutually interchangable with sport or conformation bred border collies. Basically while the working bred dog can excell at both often times the sport/conf. dog can not and lacks in working ability and talent; to the point of not being useful based on a standard set either out in the open on a trial field or while being used in day to day work keeping in mind that there is a minimum expectation as to how a border collie should engage it's livestock. What is acceptable to some breeds of herding dogs, it is not acceptable for border collies. It is why we vary rarely see other breeds of dogs participating in open field trials.


In regard to preserving working instincts in their pups, I'm sorry, but I've seen it myself first hand, you can't keep useful herding instincts in your pups or lines without actually using the dogs to handle livestock, though some want to believe it and want others to believe it. Based on a quick glimpse of the facebook page they are a sport kennel, would not even dream of purchasing a working prospect from them for myself or suggest that anyone else did.


As for whether or not you should purchase your next pup from them, alot depends on how dedicated you are to border collies and what the breed's original purpose is and if you want one that is bred based on actual working standard or if you want one that just has registration papers that say the dog is a border collie with little to no interest in the what the breeds purpose is.


If you are dedicated to securing a border collie that has been selected and bred based on what the breed was developed for then I would continue your search and someone here may be able to direct you a good breeder in your area.

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My suggestion if you want a sports bred border collie is go with a local breeder. Someone you know, who dogs you know, who you have seen compete, and you can see what is produced. If you do not know a local agility breeder go to a working breeder. I known of way too many incidents in the sports world. Things breeders covers up or give a harmless label to or just blame the owners for.

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You've gotten some good answers. I went to the Facebook page and honestly there's so little information about the actual dogs (unless I just didn't have the patience to find it) that I'd not be interested, even if all I wanted to do was agility (in refernce to Debbie M's comments above about philosophy about the type of puppy to buy). It's not even clear how many dogs they have, though the Possum/Nameless cross appears to be a repeat breeding. The fact that they're selling them on PuppyFind would definitely put me off getting anything from them.


If they are active in the dog sport world and you know people who know them and their dogs, that might make a difference, but based on what I see on FB and by searching them online, I'd stay away.



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From their Facebook page:


"Iron Stone Border Collies~ Has had quality, sound, and versatile ABCA/AKC registered performance Border Collies since 2007."


That would be all that I need to know to avoid this breeder (i.e. AKC registered). But, they add:


"My dogs have been trained in obedience, agility, flyball, dock diving & Starting Herding."


Dogs that are "Started Herding" should not be bred, because they have not proven their merit as a stockdog. Dogs being considered for breeding need to be trained to a high level of competency as a stockdog before their talent and ability can be assessed.


Just my shovelful....




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In all seriousness, if you want a real Border Collie don't buy a fancy colored sport bred dog. Go to a working breeder, someone that actually trains their dog to a high level of work. AKC "started" is basically just an instinct test. Non herding breeds can earn that title with a little obedience.

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So I won't say whether or not you should get a dog from this breeder but I do know her from flyball. If you are looking for a sports dog then yes you may want to consider her dogs. Many of her dogs do come from herding lines from what I hear but cannot confirm.


She has started herding with her dogs and not AKC herding. I do not know where she is going but I do know she has started.


All her dogs basically live in the house and she does a lot with the puppies to get them used to things.


A teammate is getting a pup from here and I have met the litter. I know a pup from the previous litter as well.


Possum normally only has 4 pups and this time she blessed her with 8 pups and she did not have that many sold. I don't agree with puppyfind but sometimes you end up with more pups than you were expecting.


I also don't like the AKC.


Again, it really is up to you. I am sure she would give you references if you want and you can find out from others what they think of her pups.


This is a working bred border collie list. Her dogs are NOT true working dogs but she is not currently breeding for color as some implied.

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Possum normally only has 4 pups and this time she blessed her with 8 pups


How often has Possum been bred? It sounds like she has had at least three litters, if we can infer that "normally" means more than once. That is a huge red flag to me. How can she prove herself in much of anything if she is pregnant or raising pups so much of the time?

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I see colored dogs and puppies with a lot of white. And I see that she cross-registers with AKC. Not good.


I also see that she sells her dogs on PuppyFind - big red flag. If she needs to post her puppies on an internet dog-selling site, then she either has no market for her dogs, or she produces more than she can sell to actual humans whom she knows. Another red flag.


Finally, she says she "try to keep natural herding instinct in."


To quote Yoda, there is no try, there is only do. If she's not breeding for the ability to work, then she's not breeding for the border collie's true purpose.


If I may ask, for what purpose are you considering a border collie, besides as a pet?


~ Gloria

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