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  1. You might look into nimble supreme, it has all the ingredients as cosequin however it also has hyaluronic acid in it. which way be beneficial and its about the same cost if I am not mistaken. I have my dog, Diesel, on nimble supreme since he broke his leg recently. So sorry to hear about the HD with your dog please keep us updated
  2. Im so happy he is working out! he will have a fantastic home with you and Juno, Congrats!
  3. Update: Diesel is doing really well since being on Cephalexin and using topical antibiotics on his sore. different dog, back to his mistchivious ways, much more himself today
  4. Congrats on the new pup!! I am curious about the eyes so do tell hat the vet says....oh boy he is ADORABLE love his markings!
  5. Hahahha, okay had to look, Diesel does have a black roof to his mouth. He is great on sheep, tons of natural talent and drive. Also, he is the quickest dog at picking up tricks, commands, words, etc. It's scary how smart this dog is. I'm not just a mom doting over her child, I'm also speaking the words of both my obedience trainer(who has 8 BCs herself), and my stock dog trainer.
  6. I fed Diesel Orijen puppy shortly after I got him. Thennnn he got giardia at about 6 months old. That reeked havoc on his GI tract, he was on chicken and rice for awhile, then switched to the prescription diet for sensitive GI. Every time I would try to SLOWLY put him back on Orijen he would have the loose stools etc. So I started feeling him the Arcana brand, orange bag not sure what flavor but the lower of the protein concentrations they offer, then gradually switched back to Orijen. I found Diesel to do the best on the Orijen Regional Red, his poops are great, he likes the taste, all good things! Love Orijen brand but it is very very expensive
  7. Yeah I've only used vetrycin on my horse, but my room mate used my vetrycin ophthalmic gel on her cat and its eye went from gooey and swollen to clear as day the next morning.
  8. Yes if anyone has a brand of medicated honey I would love to know! Definitely want to order some asap
  9. Pippin's person- fascinating, never thought of coconut oil! Bcnewe2- thank you everyone keeps telling me that, it was a fluke incident. And yes the honey thing is very interesting, I tried to find it in this area, seems the best option for the higher quality with the antibacterial properties is a holistic store, or online. Got a call from my vet this morning checking up on D, I explained the sore in detail and he had me come pick up cephalexin for him. He suggested triple antibiotic ointment+pain relief for the next couple days. Then I'll probably try a more natural method. I myself being in the pharmacy field am not sold on over doing antibiotics! thanks for your support everyone!
  10. I do have Vetrycin already, and I'll try to find the honey stuff today. I own horses, Diesel Was at the barn with me, I had my horse out in the arena, Diesel knows NEVER come inside the arena under any circumstance! I guess he saw something at the other end of the ranch and ran down the rail towards the back of the ranch, remaining sttill on the outside of the arena. But unfortunately my horse was going down the same rail, kicked out and struck him under the arena fence in the front leg. It was awful! I feel terrible. My dog has been around horses all his life, my horse has been around dogs all his life. Watched the whole thing happen. So it truly was a freak accident. Went to emergency right away...I'm hoping he will be able to go back to his frisbee leaping, sheep herding, agility star ways, otherwise I don't think I'll e able to ever forgive myself for letting my guard down. Though that does little to make me feel any better.
  11. This is fantastic! diesel is on crate rest right now and though I've done some of these it's a great list of things you have there!
  12. Don't feel bad! Last year my boy Diesel had a dentigeous cyst, since he was going under for that already i had his few claws and neuter done at the same time. First he ate his cone of shame off his head, ripping the seutures from his teeth being removed from the cyst, then went after his dew claws.. Rinse and repeat, learned I can't use a cone of shame on my dog, and man I felt awful because I Elected to have his DCs removed. However you can't, trust me I know how frustrated you are. And I know how you feel, but it was the best thing to do to prevent an injury in the future. You are being a great pet parent! Stay strong
  13. My BC, Diesel, broke his RT ulna in two places. long story short he was in a splint for 3 weeks, then this last Wednesday was switched to a soft splint, he has a pretty bad compression sore closer to his chest on the front of his leg where the splint hit him. My vet said X-rays look good, but ultimately would have liked to see the splint on another week. Well the sore looked alot worse last night, and it was causing him to be pretty stressed out. SO the vet had me remove the splint tonight. As expected, the sore is pretty nasty, any suggestions on a safe topical to apply? Thanks!
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