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Hello. from CNY

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Hello. i currently own a 5 1/2 month old border collie/rottweiler mix. Now Im completely familiar with the rottie part of Jazz but have no idea about BC behaviour.


She is very hyper pup moreso than any rottie i have ever owned. She runs low to the ground when we run in the back yard(which we must do 2x a day or she will destroy my kitchen). She is smart as a whip too. She learned commands fast.


here is my Jazz in all her goofy glory






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She sure is. She's destroyed

plastic cups

plastic plates/bowls

knife handles

garbage bags and garbage

molding on my fridge


cord to my iron

her food dishes(now has metal ones)

dug up my gardens


but i love her wildness

the good outweighs the bad behaviour

she's been potty trained since 10 weeks old. :)I'll post some videos of her as soon as i load them to youtube.

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Jazz is totally freakin' adorable! How could you not love that impish face?!


Get started with an off switch. Teach her to lie quietly, or at least lie down and stay there, even for just a few seconds. If she'll let you massage her so that she relaxes, that's a really good thing.


Think about crate or xpen training her. Safer for your belongings, much safer for her. Teach her tricks, that will keep that busy mind busy in a good way.


The first pic sortof looks like she stuck that green toy right through her brain. . .


More pics, please!


Ruth and Agent Gibbs

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