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I think we can surpass this.

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At the risk of sounding awful, I think it's rather cute and funny :)


Also - a relatively harmless way to vent frustration at typical doggie misdemeanors, get it off your chest, and realise that plenty of other dogs are up to the same kind of thing.


Though I must say that many of the behaviours could be easily remedied with a bit of time and attention, and of course, training.

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Some of these are pretty funny.

I have a good friend who had an Australian cattle dog who could have topped all of them. He tore the siding off the house trailer she was living in at the time. Not the skirting - the actual siding on the building. We never could figure out how he did it; it was sheet metal siding, and although we tried, neither of us were able to tear it or even to bend it much. It was amazing that this dog could do so much damage and not even be slightly injured. He also ate an entire pound of raw rice once and showed no ill effects whatever. He died of old age.

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