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Yay for Wick and Rex!

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They came, they saw, they barked! And ran and jumped and weaved (wove?) and tunneled!! Did I mention there was barking? And after two days of competition, Wick and Rex both managed to qualify for the AAC Nationals - yay!! They each also earned placements in individual classes. Wick came 2nd in one round of Jumpers (she is a 16" Vet) and Rex earned a 4th place out of 68 dogs in one round of Jumpers (he is a 22" Regular).




Here's some video from the weekend.






And Rex:




Nationals is only 50 days away, but we've got some sheepdog trials to deal with before that. Wick, take a break. Rex, take off your silly harness and put on your working dog collar. Time to work some sheep! (Lou, wake up! It's finally your turn!)

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