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Puppy ETA...June 2012

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Well, it's official. I'll be picking up a new puppy in June. :) I've picked one from the litter but will be making the 7+ hour road trip in a couple of weeks to make sure he's the right one :) I can hardly wait! It's been 13 years since puppy feet skittered across the floor. I've learned a lot since then, but there will be much more to learn. This is the pup I'll be training for what he was bred to do...at least that's the plan :)

Oh my, what have I gotten myself into? :D

Did I happen to mention I can hardly wait???

I promise to post a picture once the puppy picks me :)

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:D I am hoping to at least suppress the disease by adding some goats to the mix. I find it oddly satisfying to watch them munch on the overgrown brush. I know that in the end I will succumb to puppy fever yet again, but hopefully not for a few more years.
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I am sure my friends and co-workers are sick of listening to me talk about the puppy...did I mention I can hardly wait?? :)

However, this is the first pup that I will have since we moved to the farm. The only 'stock' I have right now is a flock of Muscovy ducks. So, I'll need to really start getting my act together to get some sheep or at the very least some access to sheep close by.

I'll definitely be saving my $$ to take some weekend clinics and I already have 3-4 good books (Scrimgeour, Holland...) and some videos too.

All in all, I'm hoping that I'll do the dog justice...that he will get to do the work he's intended to do...and I won't mess him up too badly :)

I think I'll be spending lots of time on these boards looking over the training discussions!

Pictures to follow, once the pup is actually mine :)

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counting down the days...I'm going on the road trip to pick out the puppy this Tuesday. The pups will be 4 weeks old and from all accounts are a bundle of energy :)

Expect a pile of pictures on Wednesday night :)

It's a good thing they are 8 hours away....otherwise I might be making a nuisance of myself :D!

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You're way, way away from it, but the best thing I did for my young dog was to send him out to be started. I sent off a dog with stock sense, but no training, and 12 weeks later, had a dog who was able to step up to the lambing plate when my older dog was unexpectedly laid up. Just something to think about.


In the meantime.... CUTE!!

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I only live 2 hours from these puppies. Can I go make a pest of myself on your behalf?



Jo <------- humming "one of these things is not like the other things"


I can't help but notice that one of the girls has a face like Tex.

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