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Zachary..my little ironman


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Zachary came into my life when he was 6 years old. He had lived with a family all that time but they decided he barked too much and took him to the local shelter. I was a volunteer board member and told the shelter staff if they ever had a miniature schnauzer come in, to call me. Jazz was just a year old and I wanted another dog, smaller than a BC for a companion. Imagine my surprise when the call came about Zachary.

When I picked him up, I was delighted by his personality....at least until I brought him to my fenced back yard. Little did I know that Zachary had terrible separation anxiety. His schnauzer scream had the entire neighbourhood outside in a flash. I was mortified but over time, we learned that it was just one of Zachary’s idiosyncrasies.

In 2004, we moved to the farm. It was during that move, that we came close to losing Zachary for the first time. He suffered a severe attack of pancreatitis and was in the clinic for 4 days. Until that day, Zachary was in perfect health. The pancreatitis left Zachary’s heart compromised. From that day, until today, he was treated with Vetmedin. That did not stop him from tearing around the yard as fast as his legs could carry him, or from taking the opportunity to ‘run away from home’ if he got the notion. It always amazed me at how quickly he could run even up to last summer.

Zachary was top dog in the house. All the dogs and the cats deferred to my little ironman. Never did I see Zachary ‘lose his cool’. He was dominant without ever being snarly.

Zachary loved his people. Nothing pleased him more than to sit on someone’s lap or to curl up beside someone on the couch and if he could, mooch some of your supper. Spaghetti was one of his favourites but the best was green peas in the pod. We dubbed his moves ‘the zacharina’ because he would dance on his back legs for green peas.

As with any terrier, Zachary had a knack for being the best mouser in the house....even the cats couldn’t compete with his prowess. He also had his tangles with skunks and thankfully, we averted the near disastrous encounter with the porcupine.

Through the years, there were so many times when Zachary would walk that fine line between life and death. Over the last couple of years, as his heart condition worsened, there were times when I felt he would not make it. But he earned the nickname of Ironman for coming back from the brink so many times. But time marched on, and today my Zachary was laid to rest.

He has a special place in the garden, not far from Jazz. The morning sun will shine on his grave as will the setting sun. And during the heat of the day, he’ll be shaded by the cedars and spruce. I know DH will make a special marker as he did for Jazz.

I will miss my little ironman .... he was ever the gentleman pup and that is a very special trait indeed.

Rest easy at the Bridge my little one..and know that you have a special place in my heart.



2011 - on vacation at Cape Cod.

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Hugs to you Kris.


Zachary was quite the amazing little dog. His tenacity to live always put a smile on my face - I'd come here and hear that he'd rallied yet again from something and I was always so happy for both of you. I know the hole in your heart right now must be huge.

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When they leave us, we try to be stoic. We try to remember the good times. Yet the emptiness and loss is great. One mourns and grieves the ones they love dearly. Zachary was dearly loved, so sorry for your loss. Run fast and free, your memory will always be cherished.

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I've been trying to get over here and haven't been able to until now. Sweet, spunky, gentlemanly Zachary, you will be so missed, and have been well loved. I have a feeling that you and Zippy are having all kinds of adventures together at the Bridge, and somehow that helps just a little.


Kris, I'm so sorry. Hugs to you.

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