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introducing Faye

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This is Faye!

Some of you might know I've been looking for a pup for quite some time. Things happen, or not and it's taken over a year to find my little treasure! I really hadn't planned on picking a pup out of this litter but she called me (Faye not the breeder) and I fell for it.

post-2529-048102500 1332763473_thumb.jpg

post-2529-019731500 1332763529_thumb.jpg

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Faye has stolen my heart already. I worried that my DH would be pouty about getting a pup so soon after losing sweet Jazz. He was a bit put out for all of about an hour. I left Faye at home with him in her crate while doing some errands. I got home and he had her out mumbling something about don't mess with "his" puppy. She's got him wrapped too!

It's isn't hurting that she seems to be potty training herself. She's had 1 poopy accident (I fell asleep without putting her up) but all other potties have been in the yard! Woot Woot for Faye! Although I'm sure the honey moon will be over at some point!


Little heart stealer!


Wonderful sheepdog lines to boot! Call me tickled!

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