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Fly & megs

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Here is a video of Fly & our cat Megs, with clips & photos taken over the last 9 months

They eat together, sleep together and wrestle together.  Megs likes Shine, but is pretty vicious if any other dog tries to make friends, including Trim, Pep & Lass.

Even when he swipes at Fly in play, his claws are not out, she has never yelped during their play. They are pretty cute to watch


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That is so sweet!


Fly and megs look a little like my Lewie and Shadow. But, their relationship has always been much more "dignified". Kitty doesn't really play anymore.


post-8416-071634500 1330880961_thumb.jpg


post-8416-098039600 1330881287_thumb.jpg

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My foster dog, Kelso, playing with 4 month old Ben.

Jester is the one circling around and around, and Kit comes in near the end. They play like this every day. It's particularly touching, because Kelso came to me 11 months ago so shut down he was virtually catatonic. You can read his story, if you like, in the Rescue Resources section.


Kelso and Ben

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